Eagles Explore Extracurriculars at the Activity Fair

On September 29th, Edison High School hosted its annual club fair, providing opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities. After a long Thursday, the FNC gym was buzzing with activity. Officers put up presentations, demos, and posters, all vying for the student body’s attention. Members of the school’s administration were present and encouraged students to participate. 

It’s a great way for students to find their true passion and try out something new, meet new friends, and have fun,” said Ms. Kristen Tsaoys, the Supervisor of Academic Programs.

Building on Tsaoys’ remarks, Mr. Charles Ross, principal, said, “The club fair is a great way for students to figure out their career paths. Students interested in engineering can join STEM-related clubs. Overall, we have a wide variety of clubs tailored to every student’s passion. I encourage everyone to get involved.” Serving as an example for students, Ross tried a demonstration game at the Quiz Bowl club booth.  

The Eagle’s Eye asked club officers at the fair to provide a short description of their club’s activities. Here’s how some of them describe their clubs: 

Film Club: “Film Club takes videos/pictures of major school events. Students interested in photography are encouraged to join” – Mr. Jeffrey Bauer, engineering teacher.

It’s a great way for students to find their true passion and try out something new, meet new friends, and have fun.

— Mrs. Kristen Tsaoys

Ecology Club: “Ecology Club focuses on preserving the environment around us. We do bake sales and other events to raise money.” – Kosha Patel ‘24.

Peacock Society: “Peacock Society represents the South Asian community in Edison High School. We throw parties and organize a play (Fusion) to increase appreciation of South Asian culture.” – Rucha Joshi ‘23. 

Arts and Ceramics Club: “This club is a place to socialize and refine your art skills. Individuals of all levels of experience with art are welcome.” – Rithika and Rhianna Bose ‘24. 

Further information about Edison High School’s clubs can be found here: