Cheers, Pies, and Pep: The Fall Pep Rally



Mr. Ross being pied in the face by Swathi Srinivasan ’23

As Homecoming week rolled around, so did Edison High School’s fall pep rally on October 14th. Unlike the pep rally in the fall of 2021, all four classes were out in the stands at the Matthew J. Drwal Stadium cheering and showing their Eagle Pride.

“I’m so excited about the fall pep rally as this year is starting off well. I like the energy from the freshmen, the sophomores are coming around, and my upperclassmen, of course, they are going to be what’s great about Edison High,” said principal Mr. Charles Ross earlier that week. Athletes, as well as the other students, had buzzed about the excitement of spirit week, Homecoming, and of course, the pep rally landing on that Friday.

Following an introduction from the General Student Council Board and Ross, the marching band performed, kicking off the pep rally. The Homecoming Court was then introduced, followed by a performance from both cheer teams. With cheers ringing from the stands, the fall sports teams were introduced. With their heads held high, the cross country, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and gymnastic teams walked the track.

While it was a bittersweet moment for senior teammates walking the hallowed track with their team, athletes looked forward to receiving their well-deserved attention, a sentiment reflected by Rohan Arestani ‘23. “The pep rally is a symbolic moment of all an athlete’s hard work coming to recognition,” he said. “It shows all the athletes who had a rough season, or rough year, that they are still recognized as an Eagle. Their work is seen and will always be appreciated, no matter how little it may seem.” 

 Along with introducing the teams, this year’s fall pep rally included the visit of the Edison Towne Square Chick-Fil-a and their mascot, the cow. Continuing where they left off last year, the cow threw sandwiches into the crowd and entertained with his antics. 

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Girl Up Club also ran a pie-in-the-face event, concluding their fundraiser in which the staff members whose jars had the most money would get pied by their biggest contributor. These unlucky staff members turned out to be Ms. Jianzhi Hu, Ms. Nicole Himmelstein, and principal Mr. Charles Ross. The respective students were called up to do the honors, and from the cheers emanating from the stands, it was clear EHS was loving every second. 

However, a pep rally does not plan itself. With the work of the General Student Council Board and their advisors, they ensured such a smoothly run and enjoyable event.  “Yes [it is stressful], a little bit, only because we are attentive to cater to everyone possible, but it’s hard to include everyone. So finding a good balance is difficult but rewarding,” said STUCO President Sarina Ahmed ‘23. 

The pep rally is for everybody to have spirit, not just a small group of athletes. It’s about the whole school coming together.

— Mr. Charles Ross

STUCO Secretary Christian Lee ‘23 shares a similar perspective: “Yes [it is stressful], a lot. We eat, sleep, breathe, homecoming, spirit week, and all that stuff, but it’s okay because it’s going to pay off, and people are really going to enjoy it. ”

The result of this planning? It showed how Edison High School has pep rallies differing from other high schools.  Ross said it best, “Eagle pride, number one. Chick-fil-A sandwiches, number two. I would say, when it works well, the camaraderie that the classes feel when they come together and enjoy themselves is special. The pep rally is for everybody to show their spirit, not just a small group of athletes. It’s about the whole school coming together.”

There was an overwhelming theme as students and teachers left the field — Eagle Pride.