New Research Opportunities: National History Day Club


Edison High has recently added a new club to its pre-existing array: National History Day (NHD). It is a club dedicated to historical research and presentation at various levels. NHD is currently led by Gauri Kshettry ’25 and Archana Maryada ‘25 under the advisory of Ms. Sherri Gabra. 

NHD is a nationwide program that presents all its participants with an annual theme, this year’s being Frontiers in History: People, Places, and Ideas.  Students can work in groups or individually to research a  topic that fits the predetermined theme, and present it via performance, website, documentary, paper, or exhibit. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their work and compete on a regional, state, and national level. The national competition is typically a week-long event held in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area, hosting an array of guest speakers and providing networking opportunities.

The co-founders, Kshettry and Maryada, have both previously had several opportunities to represent Edison on a national scale. Both students had participated in the club in middle school and competed under JP Stevens last year at nationals. They were thus inspired to create new opportunities for others. 

“With multiple competitions, students can improve their work and present in front of certified judges. The club benefits students by allowing them to develop research-based skills that are applicable to the real world!” said both Kshettry and Maryada. They said they enjoyed “sitting at the award show and getting called on stage because we advanced to states. [Then,] meeting with the judges and sharing our learning with them.” With this being their first year back from the pandemic, they are excited to experience their first in-person competition since 7th grade, all while representing Edison High. 

If a student chooses to participate, said Maryada, “work hard and choose a topic you are passionate about.” But also, added Kshettry, “have fun and enjoy the learning process instead of just chasing the results. Working on the project is very fun, especially if you are doing it with the right people.”  

The Google Classroom code for National History Day is q52syr. Email Gauri Kshettry or Archana Maryada with any questions.