Overcrowding Coming to an End

The Lincoln Elementary Addition Project



Renovation at Lincoln Elementary School


Desks packed together in classrooms, the brushing of skin in hallways, and the rolling of Specials teacher carts from classroom to classroom display the present overcrowding of Edison schools. 

The Edison school district has experienced population growth over the past few years. Edison High School alone has over 2,200 students that walk the halls every day. The current infrastructure of the Edison school district has been strained due to the influx of new students, which is continuing to increase every year. 

Throughout the district, many expansion projects and renovations are taking place to upgrade Edison Schools. Some include the auditorium and small gym at Edison High School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School bathroom upgrades, J.P. Stevens and Woodrow Wilson locker replacement, Lindeneau courtyard upgrades, and more. 

One of the expansion projects takes place on Brookville Road. Lincoln Elementary School boasts almost 1000 students. To note, the original design was built to sustain 500 students. The overcrowding began to take its toll on the school, as stated by administrative staff.  

“Our special classes teach on carts instead of having their own classroom. Children had to eat in their classrooms instead of in the multipurpose room,” said Mr. Toni DiFazio, the vice principal of Lincoln Elementary. The school also had to build trailer parks to use as extra classrooms for kindergarten classes. 

In September 2021, Lincoln announced their renovation project to expand the school. The project entailed a ten-classroom addition, a full-size gymnasium and auditorium space with a stage, and an air-conditioned cafeteria. It is scheduled to be fully completed in January of 2023. 

September of 2022 marked the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, and the opening of 10 new classrooms for Lincoln students. The classrooms have Newline boards, new floors, whiteboards, desks, chairs, and climate control incorporated into the classrooms. The new classrooms have enabled full-day kindergarten programs to be held in Lincoln for the first time in over a decade. 

“Without them [classrooms] we could have never had a full-day kindergarten program,” said Mr. Shawn Scully, Lincoln Elementary principal. 

Scully believes the renovation will help the school’s performing arts programs. “Having a full-size gymnasium with a stage will allow our band, orchestra, and chorus programs to thrive,” he said. 

The expansion will also enable the school to host more events such as concerts and cultural events. 

“We look forward to hosting community events such as the Fall Festival, Cultural Exchange Night, and more! We are also excited to host concerts for the band, orchestra, and chorus. The space will allow us to continue to build a positive school community and showcase the many talents of our staff and students,” said DiFazio. 

To view current progress of the Lincoln Addition Project, click the link below:

Live Camera Footage of Lincoln Elementary