A Need 4 Speed

World’s Largest Go-Karting Arena Comes to Edison



Digital generated prototype layout of the new Go-Kart track.

The world’s largest go-karting arena is being built only a mile away from Edison High School. The 131,000-square-foot complex, named Supercharged Entertainment and founded by Stephen Sangermano and Sandra Sangermano, will include bumper cars, 140+ arcade games with virtual reality (VR), nineteen ax throwing lanes, a drop and twist tower, and a restaurant. The track will have ten elevation changes, providing enough room for four karts driving side-by-side. There are two unique tracks, which can be combined into one 80,000 square-foot supertrack.

Michael Dawson, the Director of Operations shared his opinion on the attraction factor. He said, “It’s been a pleasure to actually work in New Jersey. There’s a lot of people and we’re in a fun area. The whole area is going to be an entertainment hub for friends, families, and pretty much everybody. You’re racing on the world’s largest indoor track, so it’s an experience to go to go-karting centers and have a great time! It’s going to set us apart from other companies just because the tracks are so big.”

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  • Progress of the new Go-Kart track being built.

  • Digital generated prototype of the drop tower.

  • Digital generated prototype of the restaurant inside the entertainment building.

  • Digital Generation of the Supercharged Entertainment Building.

  • Arial progress picture of the Supercharged Entertainment Building.

  • Digital generated prototype of the nine axe throwing lanes.

  • Arcade games that would be a part of the new Supercharged Entertainment.

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Originally starting in Wrentham, Massachusetts, Supercharged Entertainment was a huge hit among the residents there. The new location in Edison Town Square is expected to be 28% larger than the one in Wrentham. 

William Ebben, a representative of Supercharged Entertainment and CEO of the Ebben Group, wants to reach out to Edison teens to promote the new location. He said, “Our goal is to get the word out. In our vantage point, we’re just trying to create as much awareness of what an insanely fun place it is. We’ve seen how successful it’s been in Wrentham, so this being our second location makes it all bigger and better!”

Currently, the go-karts and tracks are being tested for safety, speed, and functionality. Supercharged Entertainment is expecting to open the location in early December after a mass media day. 

Supercharged Entertainment’s Social Media:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/superchargedenj

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/superchargedenj/

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@superchargedenj

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrFOFuAUzMrC_2Qnz8chDBQ 

Website – https://superchargede.com/