Teacher by Day, Fitness Enthusiast by Night

Ms. Lynn Harris


Provided by Ms. Lynn Harris

Portrait of Ms. Lynn Harris


When she is not teaching her students how to find derivatives, math Ms. Lynn Harris can be spotted in CrossFit training sessions. She has been teaching Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and Algebra 2 classes for 25 years, making her a well-known and admired teacher at Edison High School. 

Her inspiration to begin CrossFit came from her brother who ‘was always trying to convince me [Ms. Harris] how much I [Ms. Harris] would love it.’

— Hema Vikram '24

Harris has been fond of running for her entire life and began her CrossFit journey in 2015. Her inspiration to begin CrossFit came from her brother who “was always trying to convince me how much I would love it.”

Harris follows a rigorous workout schedule, attending 5 a.m. classes on weekdays and 7 or 8 a.m. classes on weekends, totaling to four or five workouts per week. In addition to health maintenance, she discussed how exercising has become a way for her to destress. “It [working out] helps me mentally.” Read more here.

Members of Harris’ family also share a passion for exercising and playing sports. Her sons play lacrosse and her brother has been interested in fitness for many years. In addition to supporting her family in their athletic endeavors, Harris plays an avid role in the Edison High sports community. She enjoys working sports events and watching her students play.

“The most important thing to me is seeing my students,” she said.

Harris recounted that throughout her childhood, in which she was enrolled in ballet during middle school, girls were discouraged from playing and competing in sports. In addition, however, most other athletic activities had been stereotyped towards boys. Today, she appreciates that this practice has changed and that all students are welcomed to participate in sports.