“Spaghetting” Bonds Within Our Community

Choir Holds First Fundraising Dinner



Robyn Nemeth ’23, Christian Lee ’23, Gabriela Engholm ’23, and Remee Roy ’23 took a food break during the Choir’s Spaghetti Dinner and Concert.

On October 12, 2022, Edison High School’s Choir kicked off the 2022-2023 school year by hosting the first choir spaghetti dinner and concert fundraiser. After less than a month of practice, the EHS Concert Choir sang “Homeward Bound” and “We Remember Them.” The A Cappella sang “For the Beauty of the Earth” and the Chambers Choir performed “Abendlied” and “Unclouded Day.” Over three hundred people from the Edison community were brought together by these five songs, thirteen solos, and group performances.

 “I thought it was a wonderful event. All of the music sounded really polished and I was really happy with all the work the students and parents put into it to make it a successful night. And look forward to making this an annual concert,” Choir Director Mr. Joshua Lisner said.

The unity of everyone’s voices sparked the excitement of the concert choir. Friends, teachers, and families applauded the performances and extolled the variety of pasta, showcasing their support for the choir community. The choir plans to use the funds for its program and other operational needs.

“It went really well. Choir has gone through a lot in the past year. I was the president last year and they were fantastic. I came for fun and helped out,” said Lauren Dick ‘22, an Edison High School alumni.

Collectively, teachers and choir members agreed that the concert was a success in terms of raising money and the selection of songs that the choir performed. However, due to the unanticipated delay of the accompanist, the choir had an insufficient amount of time to warm up. Fortunately, their performance did not reflect the accompanist’s tardiness since they sang as “one voice,” and attended several rehearsals.

“We connected better and came together. Everyone cheered everybody on and it felt comforting and wholesome. The only problem was the accompanist coming late but other than that, it went well” Moriah Cueva ‘26, a student from Concert Choir said.