Under the Lanterns: Edison Takes On Homecoming 2022



Homecoming King & Queen, Christian Lee ‘23 and Sarina Ahmed ‘23, moments after being crowned.

Lanterns, multicolored lights, and elegant posters transformed the Frank N. Cangelosi Gym into Edison High School’s “Under the Lanterns” themed Homecoming on October 11, 2022. The event was filled with dancing and partying, with crowds of people dressed in semi-formal outfits all inspired by Disney’s Tangled. 

Coming off of a year of adjustment due to COVID, EHS’s Homecoming this year had an even larger turnout than previous years with over 800 students and tickets selling out quickly. Lines formed outside the main entrance over thirty minutes before the event’s start time, 7:00 pm, and security guards were present to give students wristbands.

EHS Student Council, which includes President Sarina Ahmed ‘23, Vice President Anish Phatak ‘23, Secretary Christian Lee ‘23, and Treasurer Robyn Nemeth ‘23, worked with volunteers starting at 10 a.m. on the day of to decorate the gym.

“We did a lot of work of transferring the lantern posters from the art wing, and setting up the lanterns and getting the wires up,” said Jodie Hur ‘25. “Everyone just helped where they were needed.” 

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  • Students class of 2024 volunteering at the food and snack stand for the Homecoming Dance.

  • Edison High School Students waiting outside to enter the Homecoming Dance.

  • Students of Edison High participating in the Cha-Cha Slide at the Homecoming Dance.

  • Pragya Singh ’23 and Avinash Aravind ’23 part of Homecoming Court 2022 walked out as their names were called.

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With more decorations came a larger budget. Partly funded from ticket revenue and partly from the school, the Student Council was able to buy lanterns, string lights, and streamers.

“Yeah, the amount of decorations is definitely a lot more this year. So, it’s really busy. I think it’s nice,” said Christian Lee ‘23. “I’m really excited about the way it’s going to turn out. I’m a little nervous, ’cause it’s a big production, but I think it’ll be okay.” 

Additionally, this year was the first Homecoming post-Covid19 without mandated masks.

“I feel kinda [good] about masks being off this year versus last year because you can actually see people’s faces,” said Karina Haldawar ‘25.

In addition, this year’s Homecoming court had a variety of nominees, each with unique passions and experiences. Christian Lee ‘23 and Sarina Ahmed ‘23 were crowned Homecoming king and queen, respectively.  Others in the Homecoming court included the following seniors:

  • Avinash Aravind and Pragya Singh
  • Jayesh Chaurasia and Zainab Sohail
  • Darrin Charles and Rosa Chavez-Ramos 
  • Ava Yap and Maddie Taub
  • Matt Yascko and Arionna Orozco
  • Isaiah Charles and Haley Zampella
  • Victor Osiemo and Bonnie Sellers
  • Anthony Egnozzi and Cadence Sarni

For many attendees, Homecoming was a completely new experience.

“It was a surprise, when I read the email. And when I found out that some of my friends got nominated too, then it was really crazy. Cause it’s like, more people I know got on [court],” said Aravind. “It’s nice to see so many people coming up to me saying ‘I voted for you’ or ‘I hope you win’.”

“This is my first time. So far, it’s been a lot better than I expected! The decorations are amazing, so props to the Student Council for that,” said Pragya Singh ‘23. 

Seniors were not the only attendees there for the music and the memories with friends.

“I kinda lost my friends in between because of the crowds, but y’know, it’s good! It’s fun! They played Bollywood songs–– I’m here for it,” said Pragya Bhatia ‘26.

Here are some of the highlights, produced by Om Patel ‘26, a member of Edison High’s Film Club.