Edison High School Thinks Pink and More



Cancer Awareness Month

With the start of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, staff and students have embraced the pink ribbon in support and honor of the brave women battling the disease. This month at Edison High School (EHS), the co-curricular clubs, athletic teams, and faculty are adorned in pink to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness 

Breast cancer affects over 3.8 million American women and their families. However, it’s the personal impacts that illustrate the significance of this statistic. The grandmother of Kayden Aravena ‘25 was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 and passed away when her mother was just eight years old.

 “Cancer stripped me from a grandmother-granddaughter bond growing up,” Aravena said. 

Unfortunately, Breast Cancer affects a large part of our community. EHS features many opportunities for students to use their platforms to get involved in the fight.

Everybody works together and it’s always a success and everyone has a lot of fun helping out

— Laura Clunis '24

Girls soccer coach Ms. Cailin Murelli encourages all her players to spread awareness, for example, by wearing pink to after-school practices. The Girls Soccer Team also participates in the GMC “Soccer for a Cause Festival,” where teams raise money for the Go4theGoal Foundation and the Marisa Tufaro Foundation, both supporting families with cancer-stricken children. Over the last two years, the Edison soccer program has raised over $4,000 alongside donating dozens of nonperishable foods to the Replenish food bank. 

Another team that shows its support for Breast Cancer Awareness is EHS’ girls volleyball team, who hosted a bake sale during their annual ‘Pink Out’ game to raise funds.

 “Everybody works together and it’s always a success and everyone has a lot of fun helping out,” said Laura Clunis ‘24, a player on the varsity Volleyball team. 

Funds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, which provides money for mammograms, breast screenings, and support for patients and survivors. 

Similarly, the Edison Cross Country team went pink for their Divisional game on October 12, in Thompson Park. Lindsay Yasko ‘25, a varsity cheerleader, signaled the Homecoming Football Game theme this year as  a “pink out” to raise awareness. The student body is encouraged to come out in support of their Edison High football team and also the victims affected by this illness every day. 

…a holistic education and action through community and empathy are vital to becoming better people

— Varnika Sirigineedi '25

Breast Cancer Awareness efforts were not just limited to sports and students.  On Wednesday, October 26, Edison High staff members celebrated “Pink Day” by wearing pink and donating funds toward breast cancer. Ms. Tracie L. Smith, an Edison High School Science teacher and Head Rep for the building’s teacher union, explained that all the funds raised were given to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer foundation. They raised a total of $491 in efforts to bring awareness to breast cancer.

EHS Class of ‘26 hosted their first Jean Day fundraiser on Wednesday, October 19. The freshmen class invited staff to wear jeans for a suggested donation of $5. 

“Donations will be split, and half of the profits will benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” according to Ms. Taylor Brennan, co-advisor for the Class of ‘26.  The freshmen raised $414, with $207 going toward breast cancer awareness.

Regardless of where the efforts are coming from—staff or student—, it is clear that a holistic education and action through community and empathy are vital to becoming better people. Here at EHS, the Eagle’s Nest looks to educate themselves and make a positive impact on society.

“Having my girls get involved in community service is just as important as learning about becoming a better soccer player,” added Coach Murelli.