EHS Varsity Athletes Honored at Awards Night



The Edison High School Varsity Awards night recognizes varsity athletes at the close of each season. On December 11 the Fall Varsity awards took place and included the following teams: cheerleading, gymnastics, football, girls volleyball, girls tennis, girls and boys soccer, and boys and girls cross country. Each team was called to the front of the auditorium where their coaches announced their achievements for the Fall season. In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Smith, coach of the girls’ tennis team, did not juggle tennis balls or break a racket as he did in previous years. Instead, he gave an inspirational speech relating his athletes and their dedication to the sun and the moon. After adding that the Red Division in tennis was the most difficult division to play, coaches from other teams claimed that their divisions were far more difficult to compete in. The banter between the coaches added humor to the night.

In addition to receiving a varsity letter or pin, some athletes were given additional awards. Depending on the team, the titles included were MVP, Coaches’ Award, and Most Improved. Athletes were also given a scholar-athlete award for maintaining A’s and B’s throughout their season.

There were some athletes who received special awards and whose stellar performances stood out to the crowd. One of these was Haley Zampella ‘23, the only person on a new EHS gymnastics team. Her dedication and talent led her to receive high scores in a variety of events and placings in many competitions. She and her coach, Ms. Salvatore, hope to build the team in the upcoming years. Another athlete whose talent was highlighted was Ahmed Ali ‘20 of the boys’ soccer team. Ali was recognized for his leadership skills and his athleticism, which aided the team in more than just a couple victories. There were many excellent players featured by their coaches, and their advancements in the state games in some cases made high school history.

Concluding the night, several athletes were given special recognition for their various achievements. Jessica Damanski ‘20 received the Frank A. Redd award, Kierstin Tierney ‘20 received the Robert L. Peterson award, Shreyas Knot ‘20 and Shruti Garg ‘20 received the Frank N. Cangelosi award, and Andrew Solomon ‘20 and Cynthia Boryeskne ‘20 received the Robert Coward award. Surprisingly, the tennis team almost lost their streak of receiving the Team Academic award to the gymnastics team. Luckily for them, a technicality allowed them to take it home, adding to their streak.

Award nights like the Varsity Awards night are important for recognizing the achievements of the students of EHS. Parents are able to see the accomplishments of their children and their peers in various sports. These awards help strengthen the community of EHS by bringing parents and athletes together. Congratulations to all the athletes and their hard work.

Featured artist: Kacy Colletto ’20