Winter Concerts: A Tradition of Performance and Collaboration


Traditions are passed down for many years, and at EHS, something that occurs yearly is the Winter Concerts. This year, the tradition of having a freshmen concert has made a recurrence after years due to the COVID situation and the auditorium being redone. The EHS chamber orchestra, chamber choir, and Wind Ensemble performed select repertoire from their winter concerts for all the freshmen.  

“Being able to be a part of bringing back such a welcoming tradition was absolutely amazing!  It’s great to see the music electives together,” says Arman Chotani’25, orchestra section leader. 

“It was fantastic, it felt very fulfilling to perform for the freshman and to demonstrate our accomplishments,” says Kara Labadessa ‘25, a member of the EHS choir. 

Choir member Anish Bellary ‘23, adds, “It was a nice, since last time we performed was my freshman year so it felt nice reintroducing the tradition to the freshman.” 

The freshmen assembly and concert served as an opportunity to demonstrate high quality music groups in EHS, to show the freshmen the groups they can eventually join. Additionally, it allowed them to see the outcome of commitment and hard work.

“Seeing all the advanced music groups perform pieces was extremely inspiring. It served as a motivator for what freshman have the potential to become. I really hope that I myself have the opportunity to become as dedicated as the Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir, and Wind Ensemble, “ says Oyindamola Ayeni’26. 

“It was really nice getting to bring back this tradition and get back to our sense of family and community at EHS,” says Assistant Band Director Mr. Joseph Ciapianna.  

The return of this tradition symbolizes the unity between the students, the arts, and the dedication that brings them together.