A Resolute Start to the New Year

Edison High’s New Year’s Resolutions


As the New Year just kicked off, people across the globe continue to make resolutions in the tradition of New Year’s. Students and staff at EHS were interviewed to see what their resolutions for the upcoming year are. 

New Year’s resolutions, by definition in the Merriam Webster dictionary, “is a promise to do something differently in the new year.”

Many of the staff defined New Year resolutions as a one time made goal that did not apply to the entirety of the year. Most of the EHS staff believe that setting goals and changing certain aspects of their life is more appropriate when it is applicable. 

“I try not to do New Year’s resolutions because it’s limited to that one time and it’s arbitrary. What I try to do is keep waking up and every time I get the chance to think and say ‘Am I being my best me? Am I trying hard to keep growing? Am I trying to keep learning? I am trying to keep anger away from me and not accept the anger other people give me and the negativity. That’s what I try to look at, that’s kind of like my everyday resolutions and I try to be the best possible principal I can be for Edison High. And I sit there and judge myself very harshly because it’s a big job. For New Years, maybe I’ll work on not getting old,” said Mr. Charles Ross, EHS principal. 

“I generally don’t have a New Year’s resolution. If there’s something I want to change or enact in my life I try to do it proactively throughout the year and not have to wait for the calendar to switch over,” said  Mr. James Napoli, English Teacher and Student Council Advisor.

“I usually don’t do New Years resolutions because they never get held to and you can change any time of the year so it doesn’t have to be New Years. Why get disappointed when you set a goal and you know you can’t reach it. I don’t try to set a goal and I continue my daily life and do what I normally do. If things change during the year then I’ll change during the year,” Nurse Laura Golda explained.

However, some students found resolutions to be useful.. Their resolutions collectively revolved around bettering themselves personally, focusing on school and getting good grades. Students seem to see resolutions just as defined, declaring their resolution in hopes of starting the New Year differently. 

Cadence Sarni ‘23 said, “I want to keep consistent good grades my first semester of college. During the first semester I want to find a job to do, and make money in my first year of college. I know college is a huge change, I want to be able to take the initiative and work hard even though things are going to be a little bit more difficult and more intense. With this being said it is important to me to start on a good foot and work toward my goals.” 

“In the New Year I want to focus on myself, become a better person.” said Lexie Tango ‘24. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to focus on school, myself, and in general I want to go into the New Year with a positive mindset and truly focus on bettering myself.” said Aanya Jariwai ‘26.

Overall, opinions vary for the value of resolutions amongst the EHS community. New Year’s resolutions are forever changing, some people believe to continue the tradition and make them while others choose not to.