Teachers Treated With Free Tickets


Eagles Eye Staff

A view from the EHS Teacher Section at Rutgers University’s SHI Stadium.


A group of Edison teachers were given a special treat, thanks to Rutgers University: tickets to an RU football game. Ranked 80th in national rankings for American college football, Rutgers supplies free tickets for EHS teachers to go watch their football games. Normally, ticket prices often range from $60 to $80. Rutgers provided Edison High teachers with these free or discounted tickets as a thank you for teaching students well.

According to Rutgers, teachers can claim their tickets through the Rutgers University Discount Program. Aside from football, the Rutgers University Discount Program also provides discounts to teachers for tickets to art galleries and museums, dining areas, shopping areas, special facilities, and several other locations. 

Ms. Rachel Sandler, AP Biology who participates in the STEM program, said how free tickets “make it easier for teachers to go to the games because it puts it on the radar- teachers might not think about going on a regular basis, but when the tickets are offered they go.” 

Addressing the doubts of their coworkers, teachers stated that attendees will not regret it. Sandler, a Rutgers University graduate, goes to football games on a “semi-regular basis” and possesses “season tickets.” She said that she attends these games because, “My husband and I graduated from Rutgers, as did my parents, so I enjoy rooting for my team.”