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Supercharged Entertainment: World’s Largest Indoor Go-Kart Racing Track Opens in Edison

Supercharged Entertainment, the world’s largest indoor go-karting track, opened in Edison on December 19, 2022. The arena features an 80,000 feet go-kart track, 19 axe throwing lanes, a drop and twist tower, and countless arcade games–a new center of entertainment for Edison students. 

With the introduction of new attractions like go-karting, Edison has the potential to become a huge attraction for people all around the country.

“I’ve always said Edison is the most fun town around and this just shows it,” said Mayor Sam Joshi. “I think, along with Top Golf and the IFly that’s coming here along with the other restaurants, is going to make this particular part of Edison the destination for all of the tri-state area.”

Setting apart itself from other locations, Supercharged Entertainment has put special emphasis on catering to Edison’s teenage population through the use of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Specialized marketing managers have created short, captivating reels to entice people to visit the area and experience the events that they see on their phones. As a result, the opening of Supercharged Entertainment was an even bigger success than previous locations.

It is a safe environment for teenagers to hang out with their friends and do fun things, whether it is a birthday party or just a small hangout with close ones

— Ms. Sandra Sangermano

“It’s been very exciting, really. The social media growth has been crazy,” says Alexis Bission, a Marketing Content Manager for Supercharged Entertainment. “This has been the fastest-growing location that we’ve had so far.” 

Bisson has worked for the company for nearly six years. In the past two years, she’s worked on content creation, several marketing campaigns, and website design to name a few. 

“We’re at a little over 51 thousand followers, and we’re not even open yet. This tri-state area is really a huge success for us, and it’s been really exciting. I have a lot of fun making TikToks, and I also do photography and graphic design,” she said.

Overall, the employees and owners of Supercharged Entertainment have targeted their marketing and business to their largest demographic: teenagers. 

“It is a safe environment for teenagers to hang out with their friends and do fun things, whether it is a birthday party or just a small hangout with close ones,” said Sandra Sangermano, the owner of Supercharged Entertainment. “There are a lot of activities within the building targeted towards teenagers and even young children, like the tower ride.”

Supercharged Entertainment Edison is also hiring employees. The opening of this location provides EHS students with exciting and unique job opportunities. Interested EHS students can inquire by sending an email and resume to [email protected].

Daniel Sierra, a Senior Operations Manager at Supercharged Entertainment, shared his experiences working there. “I am thrilled to go to work everyday,” he said. “I started as an hourly worker, and I sort of just worked my way up. One thing about Supercharged is that we do love to promote from within, which really is true. It’s going great, you just gotta work hard.” 

Supercharged Entertainment has a plethora of activities to offer for all ages, especially teenagers. The facility is a great place to hang out with friends, celebrate birthdays, and have a job. In the future, they also plan on organizing fun events for schools in the area to attract teenagers and a younger crowd. 

As the largest go-karting track in the world, Supercharged Entertainment has already become one of the biggest attractions in Edison and the nearby area.

Check out www.SuperchargedE.com/Edison for more information. Social media:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/superchargedenj

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/superchargedenj/

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@superchargedenj

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrFOFuAUzMrC_2Qnz8chDBQ 

Website – https://superchargede.com/