Orchestra Lacks Attention


A picture of the current Orchestra Room, showcasing the limited storage space and seating

Though the Edison High orchestra program has been improving, there is still a lack of funding for this organization compared to the other musical programs that Edison High offers—choir and band. 

Just recently, the Edison High orchestra program began an orchestra parent organization and began running fundraisers again. This is one step closer to catching up with the other musical programs that already have decent funding and a supportive parent organization that helps out with fundraisers, managing money, supervising, etc. 

The orchestra also lacks attention from the district to be able to participate in musical competitions like the band. Over the years, there are more students taking orchestra as an elective. With the increasing amount of orchestra students that are passionate about their musical studies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage what more can be provided to these students. These orchestra students are not provided with a considerable amount of support and musical supplies compared to the other musical programs. 

But oftentimes, the orchestra room is overpopulated and forced to move into the choir room, as the room is too small. Especially regarding freshman and after-school rehearsals. There is not even enough space in the orchestra room, plus furniture like storage shelves, to store instruments. Plenty of orchestra instruments have scattered everywhere on the floor, taking up even more space for proper orchestra practice. 

Despite the choir having fewer students than the orchestra, they receive a larger room. Even when the orchestra utilizes the choir room, it is often still insufficient for the whole orchestra. The choir room is much spacious and has the necessary space as well as the perfect sound for the orchestra.

The school has a limited number of stands for the students in the orchestra room. People in this ensemble have to constantly borrow stands from the band room. Take it from us, as a student in the orchestra, that this set-up and clean-up takes up valuable time from myself and others that could be spent rehearsing. We are like nomads who move around a lot without a permanent room. 

On top of all this, we sometimes have our after-school rehearsals canceled because of the lack of equipment and space. For example, on October 21st, 2022, the orchestra was to have their once-a-week full ensemble rehearsal but was unable to find a vacancy to rehearse in. The choir room was unavailable as some event was being hosted there. Therefore, our space is limited. 

By now, the school still has not taken action on the orchestra’s issues, exhibiting the program, compared to other musical groups, faces injustice. At a time when inequality is such a timely issue, Edison High School should be particularly concerned about problems in its own programs to help students expand their interests. Essentially, inequality in the music department not only tarnishes the school’s reputation but furthermore incites those who are facing such treatment to feel frustrated and left out.