Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle: Football Team Hosts Stansbury Signing Day Farewell



Malcolm Stansbury ’23 signs his commitment to Delaware State Football alongside his mother.


On February 1, the Edison football team held an official National Signing Day ceremony for wide receiver standout Malcolm Stansbury ‘23. Surrounded by his family, Edison athletics staff, and fellow Eagle teammates; Stansbury signed his National Letter of Intent to play football at Delaware State University, where he will compete on a full scholarship alongside nationally recognized Hornets teammates in a competitive Division I environment.

Stansbury had the best season of his high school career this past season, catching for 659 yards and four touchdowns in the Eagles’ title-winning effort. In four years of play, Stansbury has caught for 1,884 yards and fifteen touchdowns, establishing himself as the school’s “all-time greatest receiver since 1959,” according to Eagles Athletics Director Mr. David Sandaal ‘90. In addition to his offensive presence, Stansbury has been one of the Eagles’ strongest defenders, racking up a total of 57 solo tackles and five interceptions as a defensive back. His full career stats can be found here.

Edison’s coaches were proud of Stansbury, who was recently named to the Second All State Group 5, First Team All Big Central Conference, First Team All Area Defense, and First Team All Division teams. 

“Malcolm was an outstanding player for us: four-year starter, team captain, all-state, all-conference, all-division, all-area,” said Eagles Head Coach Mr. Matthew Fulham. “He’s gonna go on to do great things at the college level, and we’re real proud of him for earning this full scholarship to Delaware State University.”

Sandaal also expressed his agreement, calling Stansbury a “true Edison Eagle.”

“He was a great representative of Edison football, the four years that he played for us, and I know he’s going to have a bright future at Delaware State and continue that great tradition,” said Sandaal. “Just looking back at his career, he carried himself the way he should as an Edison Eagle.”

Just getting the ring, you know, getting to cement ourselves into history…it hasn’t been done in thirty years, so, just to be a part of that group just could not have made me any more proud

— Malcolm Stansbury '23

The Eagle’s Eye met with Stansbury after the ceremony to discuss the season, his signing, and plans for the future. 

EE: Alright, just a few questions. Number one, evidently, this season was historic on all levels. Both the team, and I think you as well—I checked your stats on NJ.com, and I think this is the most receiving yards you’ve had in a single season. How do you really feel about this season, and how historic it’s been?

MS: Y’know, it’s been really, just…from day one, eighth grade, I knew that this season was going to happen, you know? We’ve been working since kids, part one of winning championships, you know, same team, same guys, throughout high school, you know, that for freshmen or varsity. We were always just built to have a historic season, and, you know, went out there, practiced, like dawgs. You know we had to earn it, and that it was not going to be given to us, so we just battled throughout the season, and came up on top.

EE: Yeah, that effort really showed. Even the game against Lenape, yeah, that was the Sectional Final, but the road to that game, like those games against [North] Brunswick as well…I was, those were crazy games and really well-fought. Speak about some of the challenges you faced during the season.

MS: Oh, for sure. First game, actually, I had a high ankle sprain, you know, sat me out the next week. Had a struggle with my coach, you know, we fought a little bit, but, you know, he just wanted to do what was best for me for the rest of the season, so that took a toll on me mentally. You know, I had never missed a game, ever, so I just wanted to be out there with my guys, and, the rest of the season after that I just fought through the pain, fought through the adversity, and, you know, really wanted it for my guys to just go all the way.

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  • Malcolm Stansbury ’23 poses for a photo in the Media Center with fellow Eagles on February 1.

  • Malcolm Stansbury ’23 poses for a photo with his mother before signing his National Letter of Intent in the Media Center on February 1.

  • The Media Center is prepared for National Signing Day on February 1.

  • Athletic Director Mr. Dave Sandaal ’90 introduces Malcolm Stansbury ’23 on National Signing Day, February 1, in the Media Center.

  • Malcolm Stansbury ’23 embraces his mother after signing his National Letter of Intent for Delaware State University in the Media Center on February 1.

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EE: And also, on that note, what was your proudest moment this season?

MS: Proudest moment this season? Definitely getting the ring. We were talking about that forever: just getting the ring, you know, getting to cement ourselves into history…it hasn’t been done in thirty years, so, just to be a part of that group just could not have made me any more proud.

You know we had to earn it, and that it was not going to be given to us, so we just battled throughout the season, and came up on top

— Malcolm Stansbury '23

EE: And I’m sure this is a proud moment for you right now as well, right?

MS: Of course.

EE: I could tell. So, now, going on to college, what will you be doing in the future, other than playing college football? Do you have any plans or such?

MS: I’m looking into majoring in business management, you know. I know where to make connections.

EE: And, correct me if I’m wrong, but does your brother also play at Delaware State?

MS: Oh, no. My brother, he plays at UNH. He’s the starting safety there.

EE: I guess I was misinformed, but that would have been a pretty cool moment, to play with family. Two brothers playing college football—I think that’s pretty big. Alright, so business management. How do you like Delaware State? Do you like the environment?

MS: Oh yeah, I loved it. You know, I went down this past weekend for an official visit, and it just felt like home. You know, the coaches, they treated me and my family well there, the crew was nice, the players were welcoming too, so, overall, I liked the whole experience.

EE: Alright, so that’s all I have, and I don’t want to keep you away from your moment, so once again, congratulations, and good luck in college.