Inside Edison’s AirPods: Singin’ in the Rain

The Ultimate Rainy Day Playlist



With hopes of a sunny spring break marred by the cloudy skies and dismal rain at Edison High, unfocused students staring bleakly out of classroom windows is certainly not an unlikely sight. I often find myself drifting off into daydreams of sunshine-esque bliss and cauliflower clouds that make for a perfect spring. Although such fantasies are futile in speeding up the block of time until spring break, our collective boredom-strewn depression may be partly resolved by an audible ray of light: music.

Thus, The Eagle’s Eye once again presents an EHS-curated Spotify playlist, perfect for trekking through exam season and dreary weather. With an assortment of unique tracks chosen by and for Edison High’s diverse student body, the survey-based playlist integrates a variety of genres and artists.

I like spring because I get to go to the park more often. This means I listen to more indie pop songs and math rock, which I listen to while taking walks

— Violet Bak ‘25

In spite of this musical diversity, we here at EHS band together in our academic goals for the remainder of March. Priscilla Go ‘26 said, “I’m excited to take time for myself over spring break, but, until then, I’ll also have to study for all the normal tests.” As Go said, many of us are battling the need to cram for various assignments while getting into the relaxed mood of spring break. This internal conflict of interest is only furthered with the recent depressive weather.
Despite the eternal downpour making for soggy grass and soggy minds, singing along with the summer-y tunes of “See You Again” by Tyler, the Creator and Kali Uchis and relaxed beats of “The Spins” by Mac Miller remains our refuge. So, let’s take a listen inside Edison’s AirPods.
With 57 tracks by 54 artists, the playlist’s top genres were hip-hop and pop. The most repeated artists were SZA and Metro Boomin, featuring songs such as “All The Stars” and “Metro Spider.”
When surveyed on his current music choices, Kanishk Ragimanu ‘25 said that he played “everything on the Metro album on repeat.” Not only do our environments affect our tastes in music, but media trends and revivals of long-time favorite artists can also have stark impacts on what goes into our personal playlists. With the huge onset of revolutionary album releases in late 2022, such as HEROES & VILLAINS by Metro Boomin, SOS by SZA, Midnights by Taylor Swift, and Her Loss by Drake and 21 Savage, it is certainly not surprising that this specific variety of music is present throughout the playlist.
My personal favorites from the playlist were “Gravity” by Brent Faiyaz and DJ Dahi, featuring Tyler, the Creator, and “Normal Girl” by SZA. “Gravity,” with its incorporation of synth tracks and diverse vocals, and “Normal Girl,” with its clear R&B and soul roots, are equally representative of a tranquil yet productive rainy day. Both tracks are on the more whimsical side, a trait I feel promotes the perfect mix of motivation and relaxation that makes for a wonderful concoction of rainy day vibes.
In general, rainy days tend to invoke a certain sense of nostalgia. With indie pop tracks such as “ceilings” by Lizzy McAlpine and “Are You Bored Yet?” by Wallows and Clairo, the playlist encapsulates the nuanced sadness and sentimentality typically linked with stormy weather.
Yet with the current gloomy climate, our desire for a sunny spring arrives. Seasonal shifts typically translate to our music styles, as Violet Bak ‘25 said, “I like spring because I get to go to the park more often. This means I listen to more indie pop songs and math rock, which I listen to while taking walks.”
Music not only reflects our moods, but it also provides focus when studying. Our music styles both embody and impact our study habits and work ethic. Having experimented with focus-oriented binaural and lofi beats, I must say that turning on some calm lyrical music has always remained my own go-to while studying.
Ultimately, with the incorporation of various genres— hip-hop, pop, R&B, and more— Edison High’s rainy day playlist provides a culmination of nostalgia, motivation, and enthusiasm. Although it may be impossible for all of us to achieve a Gene Kelly-worthy moment of bliss with exam season and muddy skies, we can all turn to music as a reliable source of pleasure and self-expression.
Check out the EHS rainy day playlist on Spotify here.