Inside Edison’s AirPods: Are We There Yet?

The Perfect Playlist for Hitting the Road



With the transition to spring, many students’ music styles have become more upbeat and happy.

As we approach April, many of us nostalgically recall our elementary school friends’ future plans to embark on a days-long road trip with each other. Although these innocent ambitions are unlikely to come to fruition any time soon, our young minds were correct in thinking that fun-filled travels are an essential aspect of spring break. So, what makes for a successful adventure with friends? 

With the prospect of spring break in particular, road trips and travel are on the forefronts of our minds. Hence, The Eagle’s Eye is back once again with an EHS Spotify playlist perfect for the ultimate spring break trip, composed of a variety of music from relaxed lofi beats to cheery spring tunes. From those who plan to travel with family as opposed to friends, remain in the Tri-State area or fly out of the country, or simply plan on relaxing at home, the use of music as a boredom cure or bonding supplement is universal. 

The EHS music department had an early start to their spring travels, as they competed in Florida’s Disney World at the end of March. Musicians on the trip shared their individual relationships with music, and its seasonal implications. 

“If I were to pick a song that I associate with this trip, I would choose ‘What a Wonderful World,’ by Louis Armstrong because though it was a hectic trip, the memories and the bonds that were created made me realize how happy and grateful I was to be present with all of these people who I love,” said Anish Bellary ‘23. 

Katie Castles ‘23 said, “I tend to listen to a lot more upbeat music in the spring; songs specifically like ‘Good Days’ by SZA remind me of this time of year. Specifically the beginning of that song feels like anticipation, kind of like spring itself.” 

 So, let’s take a listen inside Edison’s AirPods.

With 50 tracks by 46 artists, the playlist’s top genres were hip-hop and pop. The most repeated artists were Taylor Swift and Tyler, the Creator, featuring songs such as “If This Was a Movie” and “BEST INTEREST,” respectively.

“On a road trip, I prefer listening to upbeat music to stay in a good mood,” said Sreshta Mitta ‘26. When we think of road trips, images of the wind in our hair and laughing with friends come to mind. Music representative of this cheery attitude is seen throughout the playlist in songs such as the 2010s classic, “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris.

Our top picks from the playlist were “Hell N Back” by Bakar and “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift. With beachy beats and pops of Nigerian Afroswing, “Hell N Back” perfectly encapsulates the laid-back ideals of a sunny spring break; the track retains a niche sort of wistfulness that can transport us listeners to the spring break magic of palm trees and hammocks. Though “Cruel Summer” namely describes the rush and fragility of a summer fling, the track’s bright melody and exhilarating bridge fosters a similar excitement and energy that the spring months invoke within us listeners. 

Listen to the playlist here: