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Students Aim to be Nests New Leaders

Students Aim to be Nest’s New Leaders

May 23, 2022

You've seen the posters: Edison High School's Student Council elections start on Tuesday and campaigning has begun. The Eagle's Eye reached out to the candidates and offered them the opportunity to explain their qualifications....

A student at Shoprite with his own recycled bag

Bagging The Plastic Bag

PRABHA KRISHNA '25 May 19, 2022

At the end of a long day at school, students from Edison High School (EHS) head to ShopRite of Edison for a simple way to unwind and relax. Students purchase items from the store, hang out with their friends, and—from time to...

Reunion at the Pines Manor Banquet Hall.

A Tribute to the Past

On Saturday, April 30, 2022, the Edison High School Class of 1970 held its 50th reunion, which was delayed two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Alumni from all walks of life–from Broadway to healthcare–rejoiced as they...

A place filled with fun and food; Perfect for relaxing after-school.

KULU: EHS’ New Hangout Spot?

STELLA WONG ‘25 and SYLVIA WU ‘25 May 13, 2022

At the end of a school day, students from Edison High School want to unwind from work in a stress-free environment. A place that many students head to for relaxation is Keep Ur Life Unique Desserts x Dumpling Town—or more commonly...

The fitness center when its unoccupied.

Get Sweaty and Be Healthy

MICHAEL ALVAREZ ‘25 May 9, 2022

Located next to the auto tech room and behind the small gym, the Edison High fitness center is a place for students to physically better themselves. Whether students participate in sports or not, the “in-school gym” is open...

Music: What Do Teachers Appreciate?

Music: What Do Teachers Appreciate?

Music prevails as an integral aspect of daily life for Edison High School. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, The Eagle’s Eye spoke to Edison High School faculty about their listening habits, and compiled a cumulative playlist...

Coach Jackow (top right) alongside Edison High School Football Team

Teacher By Day, Coach By Night: Tyler Jackow

HEMA VIKRAM '24 April 28, 2022

High school sports present students with numerous opportunities to grow, both in their physical abilities and emotional development. For Mr. Tyler Jackow, sports present an opportunity to teach and guide others how to improve ...

Niko Barnes poses with Mr. Charles Ross and Mr. David Sandaal, with a poster commemorating a milestone in his career.

Barnes Makes Basketball History

DEREK DUDEK '25 April 28, 2022

What makes a basketball career legendary?  Well, for starters, one must demonstrate the ability to lead their team to success and become a crucial component of their team’s core.  It is essential to maximize one’s potential...

No One Cares About Environmental Issues, Nor Should You


The audience’s taken-aback expressions and prepared rebuttal at this awkward title soon morph into a long-winded confession about their “environmental sins.” Their minds fill with memories of times they dropped their offending...

Sanjana Suresh 22 cheering on the EHS Battle of the Books teams during the final round.

Eagles Soar at NJ State Battle of the Books Championship

MANINDER DHESI '22 and PRAKRATI KADEKAR '22 April 28, 2022

The annual school Battle of the Books competition at Edison High took place on Friday, March 18. Teams of four to six students delegated a total of nine books amongst themselves and answered questions as a group requiring them...

The EHS Dance Department present their senior solo concert.

Edison High Dance: Solo Spectacular Showcase

MAHA KHAN 24’ April 28, 2022

Seven of Edison’s very own dazzled the stage on February 11, 2022. Seven consecutive performances were displayed by members of the advanced dance ensemble, led by Ms. Vicki Jenkins, an accomplished Broadway veteran, along with...

The EHS Model UN Team poses for a pre-conference photo.
Back row (from left): Sushanth Balaraman 24, Avinash Aravind 23, Sahana Ali 23, Madhav Mandala 24, Taha Shaikh 24, Mithil Mishra 25, Krish Shah 24;
Front row (from left): Srinidhi Tammana 25, Vinay Menon ‘23, Shreya Tammana 25, Soumita Banerjee 25, Ishaan Shetty 24.

Edison High School Wins International Awards at NHSMUN

The Edison High School Model United Nations (EHSMUN) team won two national awards last month at the National High School Model United Nations Conference (NHSMUN) hosted in New York City. Over the course of four days, students...

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