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Bussin’ Bussin’ Businesses: Local Businesses Near EHS

Many students unwind after school at Kaito, a small business and also the go-to boba tea spot located in the Edison Plaza. The store offers a wide variety of beverages and has a serene atmosphere, perfect to relax after a day of stress in school.

Coming-of-age movies have their diners and drive-ins, characterized as backdrops to friendships, fights, and everything quintessentially teenage. Edison High has Kaito Boba, Noodles Plus, and LoChiatto’s Pizza, small businesses that serve as staples to many students’ high school experience.
Across the road from EHS lies a shopping complex—commonly referred to as the “Shoprite Complex”—comprising Bento Sushi, Kaito Bubble Tea, Noodles Plus, Subway, and various other frequented locales. After school, it is common to see students pool across the road to these stores, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of dismissal traffic and their friends and peers. The impact of this pattern on businesses can vary.
“There are some kids who make a lot of noise, but it definitely helps that you guys come in and buy stuff,” said Justin Zhu ‘17, co-owner of Kaito and Edison High School alumni. “The only issue is that sometimes people come in and cause issues that deter the other customers. It’s like a double-sided sword. There are definitely benefits, but there are also negatives: a lot of noise, a lot of complaints from the older people who come here during their lunchtime, and the mess that people bring in.”
But, store owners agree there’s an easy mindset to embrace: Be respectful to the store and the people working there.
“Treat this place like your home, because you guys do want to come back and hang out around here. Take responsibility,” adds Zhu.

Mithil Mishra ’25 decides on what to drink at Kaito Bubble Tea, a small business in the ShopRite complex near EHS. Many students come to these small businesses after dismissal or extracurricular events to socialize and catch up with friends.

In addition to a place to hang out for teens, local businesses are convenient for students staying after school. Having small businesses close to the school offers convenient eatery options for students participating in after school activities.
“I went to Noodles Plus today and it’s always really good right after a long day of school and clubs,” said Suhani Chokshi ‘24. “It always has great food and a friendly atmosphere, and I know I can consistently be comfortable going there.”
Along with providing the basic food and shelter students look for in a hangout spot, the local businesses surrounding Edison High provide access to a mosaic of cultures and foods for customers. Pauline Fernandez ‘24 looks forward to the Japanese cuisine offered near the school while Pragya Bhatia ‘26 appreciates her favorite Vietnamese joint as well as Baguette Delight.
“Near EHS, [my favorite place is] the sushi down the road,” Fernandez said.
“I love the baguette store around the corner. Some friends and I have gone once or twice and the place itself is cozy and inviting which is why I find myself drawn to it,” said Bhatia.
It’s not just the food and atmosphere that draws students in. The benefits of friendship and gathering call the EHS student body.
“I have so many memories of simply talking with my friends and learning more about each other. Every laugh and secret shared only made our friendship stronger,” said Ovya Ganesh ‘25.

Treat this place like your home, because you guys do want to come back and hang out around here. Take responsibility.

— Justin Zhu '17

Local businesses provide a space to hang out that a school environment can’t. Being in school, the rules are stricter, and learning is a priority. But for students looking to take a break after a seven-hour school day, stores like Kaito function as a safe haven.
“Compared to school, I feel like this is a more open atmosphere. I can talk and laugh out loud, without it being really quiet, as it would be in the school library, and we can eat food and really enjoy ourselves,” said Ainie Syed ‘26.
For those hoping to establish businesses similar to the ones mentioned above, Zhu has advice.
“I would say definitely look into what your own passions are, because a lot of times you are going to start working and be like, ‘Oh, I want to start a business, and I want to be my own boss,’ but there are a lot of struggles with being the owner or person in charge,” said Zhu. “There is no one to say ‘Oh, it’s this guy’s fault,’ or ‘That guy’s fault,’ it’s just on whoever’s at the top of the chain. Get your interests in line, really figure out what you want to do in life, and your passions, and go from there.”
So, while you are in the process of identifying your future or whether it be to last-minute study before that one test or a vent session with all of your friends, the small businesses surrounding Edison High will be your Luke’s Diner, Central Perk Coffee Shop, or Diagon Alley.

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