Alyson Zhang '22

Hands surround a crystal heart labeled “TEACHERS” to show support for teachers.


The teachers I’ve had throughout my high school career have shown me nothing but kindness and generosity. Going to school at Edison High has given me so many opportunities to meet life-changing teachers who not only care about teaching me the material, but also care about me as a person. As the chief of the Features section—which is focused on love and gratitude this edition—I want to take the time to highlight some of Edison High’s favorite teachers. 

Varsity soccer player Abby Knott ‘24, wanted to thank her Italian teacher, Ms. Mary Mata. “She makes everyone feel comfortable in her class,” Knott remarked, as she thought about some things she loved most about her:  “I appreciate her so much as a person, for making that class so much fun while still managing her own stress.” Knott also says that “I can tell she is passionate about teaching us and teaching this language, which is refreshing. I just love how she makes us have fun while still learning, so it doesn’t have to be boring.” 

Vice President of the Choir Department, Garid Garcia ‘22, would like to thank Edison High’s new choir director, Mr. Joshua Lisner (read his introductory article HERE). Garcia says that “Mr. Lisner came ready to teach and connect with each individual student. Mr. Lisner has brought so many new opportunities for the choir, like going to New York City… He has listened to the student body and created immersive and relatable experiences for everyone.” Garcia would like to “thank him for bringing the choir back full force and providing us with so many new opportunities and chances. We appreciate him so much.” 

Robyn Nemeth ‘23 would like to thank her French Club advisor, Ms. Deana Loria. “I love how easy it is to talk to her,” Nemeth said. “She is understanding, but still makes sure that we learn something. She’s just very enjoyable to be around—being around her makes me feel comfortable. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have joined French Club.” Nemeth would like to thank her for being devoted to her role and students’ enjoyment of the high school experience.

Gauri Kshettry ‘25, a freshman STEM student, wants to thank her AP Biology teacher, Ms. Rachel Sandler for easing her transition into the STEM program. “I used to struggle with open-ended questions,” remarked Kshettry, “and she has made it possible for me to easily tackle questions without stress. Her tips and explanations in AP Biology have helped me learn to study effectively while balancing my time with other activities.” Furthermore, Kshettry appreciates that “she takes time at home and after class to grade our tests quickly, so we can learn immediately from our mistakes.” Overall, Kshettry appreciates how Sandler “puts a lot of effort… to make sure that every student understands the concepts.”

Amy Boslet ‘24 would like to thank her freshman year English teacher, Ms. Diane Frey. “She never stopped encouraging me throughout the entirety of Covid,” Boslet reminisces. As a freshman learning virtually last year, Boslet struggled to bond with her teachers. But Frey’s “positive attitude, enthusiasm and kindness made me really glad to have had her as a teacher in a really rough time in the world.” 

Junior Mayukh Ghosh ‘23 would like to thank his English teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Wolf. In his words, she is “kind, supportive, understanding and everything a great teacher should be.” He would like to let her know he is so grateful that she is “always there for her students and takes the time to sit down with them and talk in private.” 

Paris White ‘22 is very thankful for her English teacher, Ms. Jacqueline Pelliccio. According to White, she is “super kind and likes to add creativity to her lessons.” White is especially grateful that she “talks about a lot of important topics like white privilege and mental health, which aren’t talked about enough in school.” White would also like to say that “she’s a great teacher and I love being in her class!” 

Alicia Hudson ‘24 would like to thank her band director, Mr. Joseph Ciappina for making her feel comfortable in the Edison High band department. Hudson notes that “he is very positive and tries to make the best out of crappy situations. He’ll never say I’m bad at playing my instrument or that I’m never gonna get something right, he believes I’ll eventually get even the hardest parts of music.” His connection with his students makes him “one of those teachers who you believe when they say you could go to them about anything.” 

Jenna Rivella ‘22, a three season varsity sport player, would like to thank Mr. Frank Eckert, her varsity girls basketball coach. He has taught her many things, like “to focus on my strong suits rather than the things I can not do” and “you are the only person that’s going to help you, and nobody feels bad for you so you shouldn’t feel bad for yourself.” Rivella ‘22 really appreciates how he “can change the tone of an environment. If we’re losing badly he can help us realize what we’re capable of.” Rivella would like to tell him to “keep doing what you’ve been doing. Keep inspiring.”  

Elyse Penedos ‘23 would like to thank her favorite Spanish teacher, Sra. Paola Jimenez. Penedos explained that “she’s made a huge impact on my year as one of the most kind, understanding and positive teachers I’ve ever had. She’s always so accommodating and sympathetic when I’m tired or having a bad day, and it makes a big difference in my life and on my mood.” Furthermore, Penedos appreciates how Jimenez looks out for her younger sister, Avery Penedos ‘25. “I also love having a teacher who looks out for my younger sister,” Penedos explained, “especially during such a weird time to be living in, it’s so great for both my sister and I to feel genuinely cared for and appreciated by a teacher.” 

Freshman Krrish Patel ‘25 wants to say a special thank you to Ms. Linda Pham, his English teacher. She is “well educated in what she does, and provides the best literature advice to help improve my writing,” according to Patel. Aside from her English expertise, what really stands out to Patel is how she “shows so much care for her students. She rewards them for their hard work. She always tries to make our school work easier for us to actually understand and complete.” 

Two year Varsity cheerleader Mikayla Terranova ‘22 would like to thank her coach, Ms. Nicole Greggoire for “pushing us [the cheerleading team] to improve.” Terranova remarks that “she pushes us to our full potential and believes in us even when we don’t.” She would like to tell Gregoire that “even though you make decisions about our routine that scare us, you always have our best interests in mind.” 

I also wanted to give a personal thank you to a few teachers: 

  • Ms. Diane Frey and Mr. Michael Glackin, for bringing the newspaper back to life, and constantly supporting me in and out of a school setting.
  • Ms. Gina Corsun for re-awakening my passion for literature, and showing me how to be strong in the face of adversity. 
  • Ms. Leanne Rubiano for inspiring me to pursue my dream to become a history teacher. 
  • Ms. Maureen O’Connor for putting on such beautiful shows, and encouraging me and all of her students to believe in ourselves. 
  • Mr. Charles Ross for being the best principal out there, and supporting each and every activity within the school. 
  • And every other teacher in this school. You are appreciated, you are loved, you are what’s great about Edison High <3