Eagle Night Live!

A Review



Gabrielle Bulahan ’23 singing “Flowers” (Gabbie’s version).

CHETANA BIDESI '24, Staff Writer

As we are nearing the last days of the school year, our school has witnessed some amazing events and performances that have created memorable experiences. Another night to be remembered and hopefully continued next year, is the Eagle Night Live.

Planned by our very own EHS Theatre Department, Eagle Night Live! was hosted by Krrish Patel ‘25 and Riva Christy ‘24, produced and directed by the “mothers” and advisors of the theatre department, Ms. Jessica Eckhoff and Ms. Gabriela Padilla, and stage managed by Leah Steinlauf ‘24 and Alyssa Osiadacz ‘24. Lights, visuals, and sound were organized by Ben Takach ‘24, Josiah Ramos ‘23, and Ender Marin ‘23. The foundation and building blocks of the whole theatre department were the wonderful singers, comedians, and actors who made this night possible with their talent and dedication.

As amazing as this night was, this certainly shows the hard work and dedication of the student as they connected with the audience and utilized several jokes and dialogues. Throughout the night, their manner of interacting with one another and the way they made the audience laugh was amazing. They talked about themselves and their past which would relate to the performances. They also included entertaining banter about whose personality is better and took the opinion of the audience on the matter as well. The hosts did an astounding job in luring the audience in with their jokes and comments throughout the night.

“The students wanted to do something different and they have worked hard into making this night possible,” Eckhoff said at the end of the night.

Many of the performances seemed relatable to the audience because they referenced recent movies, popular TV shows, and well-known songs. The night opened up with Amy Boslet ‘24 and Dannijames Vergara ‘25 with the song “Pulled” from The Addams Family. Most recall the series as the famous girl with two braids and a long black dress along with her choice of murderous words and thoughts in the series. In this performance, Boslet was dressed as Wednesday and made those references from the show. This song was about a character with a dark and highly independent personality who falls in love with a boy and has difficulty expressing or even thinking about her feelings. Boslet used the help of a stuffed bear as a prop to express her difficulty with handling the situation, although her character, Wednesday, may not be as soft and caring as a stuffed animal.

Another feature I loved about this night was the different way the event was organized. Instead of only singing and performances, they wanted to make it unique by adding humor to the show. Acts such as Erick Rosario ‘25 and his act on “Performing,” where he made jokes about him trying to pick up a girl in the crowd for the night or the audience attempting to find a significant other. He made the audience laugh with his body language and the way he spoke on the mic with his deep voice. He made his dialogues relatable to all the different ages present in that auditorium.

Another performance was that of Sara Nasrullah ‘25 and Jay Romero Gomez ‘26, who did a Weekend Update along with their character names, Andy Kay and Carmen Zey, inspired by Saturday Night Live. Their performance brought the news to life on stage. They each wore suits with a desk and chairs to create a newsroom, complete with mugs of coffee. In their performance, they concluded the argument and past relations of the characters portrayed by Boslet and Vergara. They presented the recent news going on in Edison High, such as the struggle to find perfect dresses for prom and dates as well as the recent trend of the word “rizz.” The audience were then shown a short performance explaining the stages of “pain” and its appearance with the help of Daniella Ezeta ‘26 and Javier Jimenez ‘26 with their act,“Pain Scale”.

Along with all the laughs and dialogues throughout the show, we also listened to the beautiful voices of EHS’ wonderful singers. As my very favorite and popularly loved Disney movie, I was amazed and ecstatic when Olivia Pellizzon ‘26 and Robyn Nemeth ‘23 sang the song “Un Poco Loco” from Coco. This made me so nostalgic as I recalled my favorite movie along with the scenes from it. During their performance, not only did Nemeth play the guitar as the character did in the movie, but they also danced during their performance, and made me feel even more nostalgia.

Now we all know Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, but have you heard about Gabrielle Bulahan ‘23 and her version of the song “Flowers”? The audience and the students in the crowd started cheering and shouting from the moment she set foot on that stage, until the very end. She lit the stage on fire when performing her own version of “Flowers” and received well-deserved applause in the end. In her solo performance, she walked across that stage to show that she needed no man to get her flowers and that she can show the world that she can be independent in her own way. Along with her solo performance, she also played the guitar for another performance along with Anna Ngo ‘25 and Arya Sahu ‘25. Ngo and Sahu formed a band called “The Nomads” along with Bulahan. While Sahu and Bulahan played the guitar, Ngo displayed her deep, sentimental voice to the songs, “Chasing Cars/Creep.”

The night ended by circling back to the first performance and Boslet’s struggle to ask a guy out only to be rejected. Patel, Christy, Boslet, Pellizzon, Ramesh, Kara Labadessa ‘25, Brandon Chung ‘25, Divine Nene ‘24 and Vincent Pecorella ‘24, united to sing “Revenge Party” from Mean Girls.

The seniors in the Theatre and Choir Department—as they always have— gave their best in this show as a mark of their last year in this school.

“I’m not that upset by this being my last year singing or performing in school since I’ll still be doing that in college,” said Nemeth, a senior, “but I am very sad that this is the last time I’ll be performing with these specific people.”

Overall this night was a success with all the elements of comedy, laughter, singing, and acting. The students and teachers have worked very hard in making this night a memorable one, and I hope that we might get another taste of their work with Season 2 next year.