Teacher Television Treasures


Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are everyone’s go-to streaming apps. After a long day at school, we students tend to indulge in our choice of TV shows. And just like us, teachers are powering through their stressful nights with pop-culture television favorites (and comedy classics!) on their devices and big screens. What TV shows are your teachers binging?

Mrs. Frey

Friends, everyone’s favorite American sitcom, is a must-see for Mrs. Frey! This relatable TV show features a boisterous bunch of six diverse personalities enduring life’s ups-and-downs in New York. Friends is an everlasting reminder that friends are family.

Ms. Loria

Black-ish is a popular, fun, diverse, and relatable American sitcom that opens the discussion of cultural assimilation and the importance of revisiting our pasts. Ms. Loria certainly admires the TV show’s attention to societal issues that prevail in today’s world, and she enjoys the comedic relief sprinkled throughout each episode.

Mr. Hammer

It’s no surprise that a Biology loving teacher would also love watching The Big Bang Theory, the American television comedy sitcom that stars two best friends who can recite anything about quantum physics, but are clueless when it comes to basic social situations. Mr. Hammer (and the rest of the world) puzzles over how earth was created, but one good theory is… it all started with a BANG!

Mr. Juliano

We all love a good murder story, including your favorite math teacher: Mr. Juliano! Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, becomes entwined in a murder case along with 5 of her brightest students. Together, they solve the arising mysteries that assist her law firm. But as they continue with their investigation, they discover the dark secrets buried in Keating’s team. The real question is, “how do you get away with murder?”

Ms. Gabra

When you work at a place as diverse as school, what better to watch than The Office, starring the funny Steve Carrell? Although it was taken off Netflix, Ms. Gabra loves to watch this uncoordinated and cliche show highlighting the wacky relationships between the characters. It takes her mind off the drama-less environment of her workplace!