What are Tri-M and NAHS?


Tri-M is a music honor society that recognizes  band, choir, and orchestra students. Their acronym stands for the three M’s: Modern Musician Masters. First established by Alexander Harley and his wife Frances in Maine in 1935 as a part of a project specifically for music students, this program teaches young musicians important values such as character and service. Soon, the Tri-M program spread nationwide, then international, reaching places like South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2005, the Tri-M program was introduced to Edison High School, opening a new chapter for Tri-M: chapter 4793. Previous years of Tri-M accepted students on a recommendation basis; however, this year, students are accepted through an auditioning process, which is considerably more rigorous. Additionally, as the advisor of this program, Mr. Joseph Ciappina felt that “it was important to have students move through a process that demonstrates their leadership in the music department as well as their musical ability. As we progress, I hope to make the interview more formal and possibly have a guest from the music department sit in on auditions.”

Like Tri-M, NAHS is an acronym and stands for National Art Honor Society. Similarly to Tri-M, inductees are required to contribute to their community by volunteering, attending meetings, and more. According to co-president Erica Kwon ‘20, “NAHS provides service opportunities in both school and the community for young student artists.” Through NAHS, these art students are participating in events such as Homecoming, Mr. EHS, and Halloween at the High by making props and painting background scenery. NAHS has also been brightening up the halls of EHS since the 1990s by allowing senior members to paint murals above the lockers. Kwon affirmed that this program has allowed her to grow as an artist, becoming more courageous in the art projects she tackles. 


On February 27, 2020, 27 music students were inducted alongside eleven art students for the Tri-M and NAHS honor. During the ceremonies, Principal Charles Ross Mr. Ross eased the audience into the night with a laugh as he imparted a lesson about punctuality. As everyone settled down, the ceremonies began. 

First, the NAHS inductions commenced. The co-presidents and vice president each delivered a speech and lit one of the three candles, each glowing either red, yellow, or blue. The red candle stands for scholarship, yellow for character, and blue for service. As each inductee’s name was called, the inductees would receive a carnation and a handshake with Mr. Ross. 

The Tri-M inductions followed in a similar process. Each student body leader delivered a speech and lit their respective candle before inductees were called up.  

Congratulations to all the inductees! Hard work never goes unnoticed!