EHS Eagles Take Flight into Science: SciOly States


Photo Credit: Jessica Maida ’20

On Tuesday, March 10, 18 students from Edison High School competed in the New Jersey state Science Olympiad competition for which they qualified at regionals on January 7. In 7 weeks, they prepared for 23 distinct events in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, among other fields, 9 of which they had not competed in before.

One of the key founding and organizing members of the team, Shruti Garg ‘20 said, “I hope the club continues and does better next year. And I really really loved that I got the opportunity to participate at least once my HS time.”

Students working on the “Gravity Vehicle” challenge.
Photo Credit: Srinidhi Venkatesh ’22

The team held semiweekly meetings and multiple weekend practices intending to practice enough as not to repeat the hurried last-minute prep from their last tournament. They spent their afternoons building models in EHS engineering teacher, Mr. Kevin Kerins’, room and taking past tests in empty classrooms.

Garg described the event itself as a “really fun, memorable, and intense experience,” as well as “a chance for a lot of people to get together and do science-y fun stuff.”

The newly-established team finished in 19th place out of the top 27 teams from around the state, with its best event being “Wright Stuff” in 9th place.

One of the founding members, Nandana Vinod ‘21, commented, “I am very grateful that EHS made it to states. It was definitely a learning experience, providing everyone on the team how and what to expect next year. I look forward to next year and to really representing EHS.” 

Under the guidance of advisors Ms. Kruti Singh, an EHS AP physics teacher, and Mr. Martin Goldman, an EHS chemistry teacher, the team hopes to improve their understanding and be better prepared next year with the valuable experience this year’s competition has given them.

For overall results, view the Science Olympiad website in the column for Division C or the second page of the full score sheet.