Prathamesh Debnath: April Senior of the Month

Prathamesh Debnath, April Senior of the Month, both figuratively and literally takes center stage as Vice President of the Theater Department and Head Moderator of the Improv Troupe.

He fondly recalls the seven plays he has participated in during his time at Edison High. He also wants to shout out Ms. O’Connor, who is not just a teacher to him, but also a close friend for whom he is very grateful. He also hopes to see more funding and support for the arts programs at Edison High School in order to improve them. 

In his personal time, Prathamesh enjoys architecture through legos. Since he was a child, he has made the Golden Gate Bridge and The Arc de Triomphe using just legos.

His time at EHS has made him recognize the value of time management and how to best organize and utilize his time. One key period throughout his highschool career was sophomore year, when he hit a slump and his grades suffered as a result. However, he feels that the lessons he learned during that time have made him a better person all together.

He advises incoming freshmen to just be themselves. “You don’t have to change or conform just to fit in. Just have fun and be yourself, besides, after your 4 years none of this will matter at all.” He also believes that his ability to make those around him laugh is one of his most valuable assets. He loves that he can make the world better with his humor.

He would also like to thank Mr. Nasser and Mr. Gioffre, two of his history teachers who have shaped his life and future. He also wants to thank Mr. Barone, his college counselor who has guided him on the path to college admissions. 

He also wants to acknowledge that the transition from high school to college can aptly be characterized by his favorite quote “Out of the frying pan and into the flames.”