Senior Sunrise: A Semblance of Normalcy



The morning was brisk. Towels were spread throughout the damp football field six feet apart and covered in turf. Bundled up in many layers on their own isolated place markers, the Class of 2021 awaited the coming sunrise. It was Edison High School’s first-ever “Senior Sunrise” event.

But what else lies ahead for the graduating class? With all the disaster and misfortune in our current world, we have begun to lose touch with our normal way of life. Quintessential high school events such as homecoming, senior night, and induction ceremonies are all anticlimactic versions of their normal grandeur; online substitutes just aren’t cutting it anymore. Not to mention that college, to an extent, has lost its appeal, since most schools are still online.

Vice President of the Senior Class Rishab Gera ’21 passes out hot chocolate and cookies on a cool October morning.
Photo Credit: EHS Film Crew

However, the dreariness of these events ironically brings light to new ones, such as the Senior Sunrise. The simple act of watching the sunrise brings a semblance of normalcy back into our stressful and tiring lives. We as a society have become completely numb to the seemingly ubiquitous “bad” in the world that we don’t take the time to sit on a turf field and enjoy the simplicity and goodness of the sun rising on a new day.

This experience would not have come to light if not for the combined efforts of the 2021 Student Board and the General Student Council. Together, the boards did a fantastic job running the event. All COVID-19 procedures (masks, social distancing, etc.) were sustained throughout the event. The board also accommodated the senior class with cookies and hot chocolate—both of which were a great combatant to the cold. The overall turnout of this event was successful, attracting a respectable crowd. The hosts, in addition, were able to maintain a relaxing and safe environment for everyone in a professional manner. 

“I was able to see some of my fellow seniors while being safe and enjoying the beautiful sunrise.”


One attendee, Olivia Chiarella ‘21, commented on her experience at the event:  “I was able to see some of my fellow seniors while being safe and enjoying the beautiful sunrise.”

The Senior Sunrise presented an opportunity for the senior class to feel connected with one another, while also providing them a chance to sit and reflect on the simple pleasures in life.

The Senior Class Student Council including President Abigail Alavrez ’21, Vice Presidents Rishab Gera ’21 and Danial Arab ’21, Treasurer Ayush Jasnani ’21, and Secretary Neil Patel ’21 team up with General Student Council including President Krystal Ramnarine ’21, Vice President Kristy Ly ’21, and Secretary Kelly Cheng ’21 to make the Senior Sunrise event possible.
Photo Credit: EHS Film Crew