EHS Students Making Memories at Movie Night


On May 14, the Class of 2023 held an outdoor movie night, streaming “Legally Blonde.” The movie night intended to bring students together after a year of remote learning and minimal social interaction. At first, the student council was apprehensive as to how many students would show up, but as the admission line extended to the end of the school parking lot, they realized the night might be a success.

Before the movie commenced at 8 p.m., board members of the Class of 2023 ensured that the system was properly set up, going to school earlier to set up the projector, mats and snack table. 

“The setting and cleaning up part of movie night was the best part. It was fun doing work with all my friends and it was even better to see how successful it was. The weather was good, people enjoyed the movie, and everything seemed so perfect that it reminded me of the summertime. I think everyone liked it, and I hope we do it again,” said Sneha Rajagopal ‘23, the Class historian, as she explained her favorite part of the evening. 

The Class of 2023 also had the opportunity to promote school spirit. “The Class of 2023 has a vast collection of merchandise from hoodies, string bags, water bottles, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc. New blankets were added to the collection of merchandise as many students requested,” said Blessy Phillip ‘23, a student volunteering at the event.

Overall, the outdoor movie night was a success! The momentary break from academics and opportunity to hang out with friends after a long period of time was greatly enjoyed. “To see the students smile after a long time was the goal of the night. More than the movie, it was the company that many were looking forward to and to make memories despite a challenging year,” said Ms. Loria, the Class of 2023 advisor.