Class of 2022 Stargazing


Although the coronavirus pandemic halted efforts at enjoyment earlier in the year, it has not stopped the student council from trying to provide opportunities to make up for the lack of activities. The class of 2022’s Student Council, led by Class President Talha Malik ‘22, organized the Stargazing Event on May 7, 2021 from 7pm to 9pm at the Edison High School football field. EHS students assembled together for relaxation, socializing, and enjoyment all while gazing upon the stars that filled the chilly night for 5 dollars. The Stargazing event was successful with over fifty students showing up to participate. With snacks and drinks to go around, students lounged on the football field with their blankets, all while interacting with their peers. 

With the coronavirus affecting most of the activities this year, students had little time to meet with their classmates. As a result, the Stargazing event provided them the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves outside with friends. 

Malik agrees with his fellow students. “This event gave students a chance to finally relax, socialize, and have fun during a very frustrating time of not being able to see your peers. I certainly enjoyed meeting with classmates that I have not seen in more than a year,” said Malik. One of Malik’s main goals for this event was to give back to the students the joy of an outdoors event. He told the Eagle’s Eye that centralizing the theme to stargazing achieved the goals of his student council team; the students are able to socialize amongst themselves while also being able to enjoy what nature had to offer. He continues on by commenting on his ideas for the future. “Due to the vaccine, hopefully next year will return back to normal and we can plan more fun events for everyone,” Malik said. His peers share these sentiments as many students also advocated for the return back to a normal school environment. 

The pandemic has introduced a unique situation not only for students but to everyone around them as well. Students hope that next year, they can expect to participate in more school-wide activities such as the Stargazing event next year as the current academic year comes to a close.