A New Look at the Eagle’s Nest


As students have seen this year with the transition to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is unpredictable, now more than ever before. While students are already returning to traditional in-person schooling, this year has taught that the unexpected can always occur. To combat this element of the unknown, the Virtual Freshman Orientation Website was created. 

This website includes tips on how to make the new school year go smoothly and a video walkthrough of the school. While starting the year anew may not seem like a difficult task yet, the inevitable “hallway traffic,” as some students refer to it as, among other issues, will highlight the difficulties of navigation in Edison High School if you aren’t familiar with the building. 

In addition, this website has some advice from seniors in order to ensure you start off your high school years productively. This advice does not appear as major as that of the freshmen, but it is essential to ensure that students’ Edison High School careers are enjoyed to the fullest.

Incoming sophomores, do not fret yet—while COVID-19 has made participating in the school environment difficult so far, sophomores still have plenty of time to check off activities from their high school bucket lists.

Due to the remote learning environment, the transition from not only middle school to high school, but freshman to sophomore class, will be anxiety-ridden at first. This website will help both the freshmen and the sophomore classes better adjust themselves to the new environment at Edison High.