Covid Issues With Overcrowding


Created by Sivaragha Buddana ’22


The COVID-19 virus, also known as the coronavirus, is currently causing many problems around the world, especially in schools. Students are mandated to wear masks throughout the school day and have to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols.  The pandemic has cost many people their lives, and students have to be on high alert to avoid this virus. Protocols such as wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces, and washing hands are essential for students and teachers. Many students are uncomfortable returning to school because of the pandemic and the protocols. To add on to the students’ issues with the pandemic, overcrowding in schools makes the return to in person schooling even more dangerous.

I see many students without masks and it’s getting unsafe in the hallways

— Sarthi Shah '25

The hallways do not allow students to socially distance, and the students are uncomfortable with the amount of students packed closely together. Riya Patel ‘25 states, “My thoughts on the overcrowding of students in Edison High School is that the school is overcrowded which is preventing social distancing” and Sarthi Shah ‘25 says, “I think that the situation with Covid in the school needs a rework. I see many students without masks and it’s getting unsafe in the hallways.” A return to online learning can be a potential solution because the interviewees are more comfortable at home than at school. For example, interviewee Kirtan Amin ‘25, states, “I feel as if my time management was better as a remote student though, so I believe I would go with that decision.”  Many students have a better time learning at home and they can be more comfortable without the risk of Covid. 

Overcrowding can lead to students putting their life in jeopardy by coming to school. Some students feel uncomfortable due to Covid, which can affect their learning and grades. The ongoing pandemic has a negative effect on students, and overcrowding adds to the fear, becoming a hurdle in the students’ learning.