Juniors Take Hall Decorating Title


Areesha Ahmad '23

Edison High School students ready for hallway decorating.

Continuing the yearly holiday tradition, all four grade levels of Edison High School gathered on December 9, 2021 to commence the hallway decorating. These decorations aimed to capture the festivities of the holiday season. 

This year, the class of 2023, the Juniors, ended the reign of the senior class, winning the competition with a France theme. They were able to construct a motor-powered windmill that attracted the eye of both teachers and students. 

Junior class president Ridhi Gera ‘23 said, “I’m really proud of the juniors this year with our win! It was clearly well deserved with the number of students who were dedicated to coming to hallway decorating meetings nonstop. We all made sure we were productive along with having fun.”

The senior class took second with a “Harry Potter and the Wizarding World” theme. The sophomore class with a Peanuts TV series and the freshman class with a Candyland and Gingerbread theme took third and fourth place respectively. 

This year, the class of 2025 was not the only one to partake in their first hallway decorating competition. The class of 2024, who started their high school career by logging on zoom was also thrilled to have the opportunity to finally participate. Each class worked towards the title of the best-decorated wall.

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  • The class of ’23 advisor Ms. Deana Loria puts together the motor-powered windmill.

  • The Senior class work together to cover their wall

  • General Student Council President Simone Stephen ’22 with Class of 2022 Student Council President Emma Mohanty ’22 work together to decorate their wall.

  • The Freshman class work together to cut out their decorations.

  • The Sophomore class work together to put decorations on their wall.

  • A section of the Freshman Class of 2025 wall with their gingerbread men.

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According to Sophomore class president Taha Shaikh ‘24, “Hallway decorating is a great initiative from the school, even with the pandemic. Considering my class, who honestly didn’t have large events during their freshman year due to covid, it was a great time to just meet everyone, make new friends, and work together.”

All throughout the month of December, students met after school with their respective class advisors and student council board members to prepare the necessary props and materials. The students were provided with supplies that were to be used to prepare their specific decorations.  They were to decorate the hallway that led to the cafeteria. 

Emma Mohanty ‘22 said, “Hallway decorating this year was so fun, hectic at times but so enjoyable! It was really refreshing after being in school virtually for over a year and a half to finally be able to see our classmates and put something together to celebrate the holidays!”

“The whole event was a great success but in general, hallway decorating always lifts school spirit. Working together to make our section of the hallway the best is so much fun, but I think the sweetest part this time around was our junior class winning after 21 years of senior victory,” said Sneha Rajagopalan ‘23. 

Along with exceptional artistic demonstrations, the great work ethic of the students was surely reflected even in the details. Paris’s landmarks, Snoopy’s eyes, Harry Potter’s scar, and the carefully crafted candy pieces all managed to beautifully decorate the once barren hallways of Edison High.