EHS Explores the Lives of African Americans

A Photo Essay


taken by Alyson Zhang '22

Edison High School starts the annual Black History Month assembly with the singing of the “Black Anthem.”


February observed Black History Month, which celebrates Black History and the influential lives of African Americans, reminding  us that Black History is American History. Edison High School commemorated this month at EHS on February 25 with the National Black Anthem, dances from the Step Team and Dance Ensemble, and a poem from Simone Banks ‘22, among other events.

Click through the photos below to experience a unique display of African American history and significance.

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  • Janaa Smallwood ’23 and Karen Martin Prince ’22 sing the Black National Anthem

  • Jayden Johnson ’22 highlights the Middle Passage to honor his ancestors in a self-written rap verse. He was inspired, in his words, by “pride, expression, glory, and beauty.” Of the challenges he faced preparing for the assembly, Johnson said, “I was very passionate about making it come across right.”

  • Jade Boateng ’23, Emelin Almanzar ’23, and Victoria Oginni ’23 give a speech about sisterhood.

  • Simone Banks ’22, a member of the Black Student Union, reads the poem “You so Black,” by Theresa the SONGBIRD. “Black is not something we get to choose but it’s something we get to wear and we get to rock this with honor,” she read. Of the experience, Banks said, “This event made me feel powerful. Our group practiced and we gave each other many pep talks before the assembly.”

  • “A step into a new day”… Step was introduced by the Black Student Union to have originated in the 1960s-1980s. The usage of hands and feet for percussion played a key role in its creation as African Americans were not allowed to use any drums or instruments. Post World War II, step teams included marching and drills in their formations, an important part of Step even today.

  • Harambee: “All together as one”… The African native phrase, Harambee, means “All together as one”. Students who contributed to the event’s preparation came out to dance and clap, showing a connectedness through diversity and culture.

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