Sarina Ahmed: Student Council President Turned BOE Sitting Member



Sarina Ahmed sitting with the Members of the BOE.

As General Student Council president, Sarina Ahmed ‘23 has been appointed as a sitting board member of the Board of Education. Ahmed represents the student population of Edison High during BOE meetings, sitting amongst the nine board members as well as her J.P. Stevens counterparts. 

At the BOE Action Meeting on September 20, Ahmed gave a brief update on the first few weeks of school at EHS, commenting on the success of the freshman orientation, back-to-school night, and the sports teams’ latest wins. 

Most of all, however, she stressed the importance of student involvement in EHS and the Edison community. In response to a question regarding BOE student representation posed by board member Mr. Mohin Patel, Ahmed said, “[It is important to] get out the fact that the Board is willing to listen to student voices. As a student, I’ve heard dialogue like ‘the Board of Ed are grownups; they’re probably talking about budgets.’ It’s important that students know that the Board is willing to help.”

Ahmed later said, “When solely adults are making policies, I think there can be a disconnect that forms because they’re often so far removed from what it feels like to be a student. The students have every right and reason to be heard.” 

Ahmed also wants to ensure that her representation on the board remains as positive and genuine as possible. “Board meetings have the tendency to become heavy with all of the pressing issues that are discussed,” she said. “I’d like to keep my voice honest and represent my fellow student body in an authentic way, doing my part to ensure that peoples’ voices are heard and amplified.” 

Most students are scarcely familiar with the Board, having only watched reposted highlights or short clips of the live meetings on social media. Ahmed herself admits that she had never watched a full meeting before. Being present for the entire meeting gave Ahmed new insight on the Edison community. She said, “I had never considered how many people actually attend these meetings, so I would say that my biggest takeaway is that Edison’s community is incredibly passionate.” 

Ahmed is ambitious about her plans for the upcoming school year. She is excited about increasing student participation both within and outside of EHS. At EHS, the Student Council is currently in the process of organizing Battle of the Classes. Ahmed reiterates that school spirit is most effectively cultivated through involvement in clubs and organizations. She looks forward to collaborating with the Board and her fellow sitting board members: J.P. Stevens’ General Student Council presidents, Vivian Lee ‘23 and Aditya Rawat ‘23.

In a final message, Ahmed said, “I am very thankful to everyone who has reached out to me with well wishes and advice. I’d also like to shout out Mr. Ross, who has been incredibly supportive throughout this process; I am very lucky to have such encouraging individuals around me, and I am very grateful for these opportunities.” Overall, as Student Council president and BOE Sitting Member, Ahmed intends to create a school year filled with spirit and Edison pride.