The Class Rings: A Make or Break Tradition at Edison High School?



Class Rings: Does the cost outweigh the appeal of tradition?


The class rings at EHS have been a long-lasting tradition for numerous decades. Though the question is, are they beginning to die out?

Generally, the purpose of class rings is to commemorate the accomplishments of graduating high school students on their academic and personal achievements. Specifically, rings include personalized engravings such as names. Having said that, the tradition has been dismantling at EHS.  

Jostens, the corporation that our school obtains class rings from, prices each ring from about $350 to $450. Many seniors debate whether or not to buy a ring.

“They’re just not in style, and it’s not really an iconic attribute of high school anymore,” said Harir Jan ’23.

Many juniors have also expressed their opinions. “They’re just really expensive, I would rather spend the money on a Varsity jacket or another attributable alternative to recall my High School experience,” said Julia Kim ’24. 

Teachers have also voiced their objections on purchasing a class ring. 

History teacher and advisor for The Eagle’s Eye, Mr. Mike Glackin said, “I got my class ring and wore it all of my senior year but when I got to college, it just wasn’t cool anymore. Now it’s just sitting at the bottom of a drawer on my dresser.”

However, there are some individuals who are keen on purchasing a class ring to remember their memories at EHS. Some students who plan on acquiring a ring feel that the rings are fashionable or a tradition that stems back from their families.

“Well my brother got one when he was in high school, and I wanted to get something that looked pretty cool as well as to help me recall good memories at EHS,” said Muhib Syed ’24. 

While some do believe that the class rings are an aesthetic piece that hold significance, students question if this tradition is worth continuing.