Boys Varsity Volleyball Sets Up For Strong Season Against Woodbridge



Ajit Sivakumar ’25 (#5) received the volleyball at a home scrimmage against Linden on March 29, 2023.

The varsity boys volleyball team soundly defeated the Woodbridge Barrons in straight sets on Wednesday, April 5.

After an arduous game against John F. Kennedy, the Eagles kicked off this season with a 2–1 loss. Coach Wernlund commented that the team started off slow this season with 1–0 against JFK but this fact did not stop the Eagles. Within the first few minutes of the game, it was clear that their initial shakiness was gone, and the Eagles were ready to win.

Although the Barrons showed great determination, the Eagles’ defense hustled to the ball and set up aggressive plays against their opponents. The players on the court displayed high energy between points and—with some serving errors—worked cohesively as a team to secure a definite lead in the first set.

Setter Pranav Janaki Ashok ‘25 helped create key moments for the attackers to pick up quick points against the opponents. The Eagles’ defense also worked hard to dig up hard hits from Woodbridge’s attackers. Notably, libero Kirtan Amin ‘25 made an impressive thirteen digs in the game and gained eight service points for Edison. At the end of the energetic first set, the Eagles won 25–18.

Edison quickly established themselves in the second set, creating a noticeable point gap against Woodbridge. However, faulty serving and passing led the Barrons to bridge the gap.

In the passing minutes, the score remained close as both teams regrouped. Woodbridge players hustled behind for the ball, working their liberos overtime as both teams kept up long, exhausting rallies.

Throughout the game, there were many intelligent plays by outside hitter Adjit Sivakumar ‘25, scoring seventeen kills for Edison.

“I think the hitting was probably the most important today, especially coming off the game against JFK where we had a lot of errors,” Shivakumar said, proud of his performance on the court and praising the team’s improvement.

Moreover, opposite hitter Brady Boslet ‘24 followed up with two kills and an impressive three blocks. Like Shivakumar, Boslet is proud of the Eagles’ commitment and refinement on the court.

“I think we communicated very well,” Boslet said, congratulating the team’s collaboration while playing. “I think our chemistry is starting to build up as a team. That’s pretty much the highlight of today.”

The Eagles showed incredible resilience in the game, working past initial errors and heated moments from the Woodbridge coach, who earned the Barrons two yellow cards through the game’s progression. Edison took the adversities in stride with commendable sportsmanship and teamwork.

Edison persevered with high energy from all the players during the last few minutes of the game. The starters contributed with quality passing, meaningful sets, and powerful kills. At the final buzzer, the Eagles were victorious with an imposing score of 25 in contrast to Woodbridge’s score of 15, ending the match in Edison’s favor.

At the end of the game, The Eagle’s Eye asked Coach Wernlund about the players who stood out most; he proudly proclaimed, “Yeah a ton. All six of them on the court.”