Samantha Matson: February’s Swimming Senior of the Month



Do you know our school’s record holder for girls’ 500-meter freestyle swimming? Samantha Matson ‘20 not only holds this record, but was February athlete and senior of the month.

Samantha has been a fall and winter athlete throughout high school, participating in soccer for the duration of her time at EHS as well as maintaining a position on the Varsity Swim Team, even serving as captain in her senior year. In addition to athletics, Matson participates in Heroes and Cool Kids and is a member of the Math, National, and Spanish Honors Societies. She has also served as a state officer for the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) for four terms now. This organization in particular is a pivotal component in her life because of the familial setting it creates and its contribution to her personal leadership skills.

Her hobbies include playing her guitar and reading. Reading has been a childhood companion for her and is still a favorite way to pass time. Taking her passion for guitar further, Samantha now takes guitar as an elective and enjoys seeing the results of her hard work.

Her advice to the underclassmen is classic but important nonetheless. She encourages them to get involved in every way possible because high school passes faster than expected. She explains that involving yourself in the school community, whether it be through a sport, a club, or any extracurricular activity, will augment your high school experience. It will build a second family and home for yourself. Getting involved will lead you to lifelong passions and introduce you to new like-minded peers.