Seniors of the Month: Abigail Alvarez

Remember back in elementary school when you were obsessed with collecting as many different Silly Bandz as possible? Well, Abigail Alvarez ‘21 has kept her collection since first grade! Just as she safeguards this elementary school memory, our September Senior of the Month strives to keep her high school memories alive through her camera’s lens and her mind’s eye. Alvarez has been involved in a myriad of academic, creative and social activities at Edison High. 

Alvarez’s academic endeavors include membership in the National Honors Society and the Spanish National Honors Society, as well as volunteer tutoring. She also teaches English to students in Ukraine via video calls. 

Committed and creative, Alvarez partakes in clubs and activities at EHS that resonate with her interests. Alvarez has been the Class of 2021 President for the past two years, leading meetings each week and organizing fundraisers, volunteer projects, and class events. One such event that she is especially proud of is the Senior Sunrise, which boosted morale amidst seniors during the pandemic.

Alvarez also plays the viola in the Chamber Orchestra. She started playing in fourth grade and plans to pursue her musical talent after she graduates. Additionally, her passion for writing and photography have guided her in becoming a staff writer as well as the photography editor for The Eagle’s Eye. 

Alvarez recalls the advent of her fascination for photography: “I got my camera back in 8th grade and I was like ‘I can’t wait to take pictures in high school!’” 

Four years later, her enthusiasm endures, as Alvarez is the President of the EHS Film Club. She is easy to locate at sports games, concerts, dances and assemblies with her camera in hand, “capturing the moment and making sure that there are lasting memories for everyone.” 

Alvarez’s previous experiences reinforce her dedication to the EHS Film Club. Through pouring rain and six hours of excruciating heat, she stood outside to take pictures of the 2020 Boys Soccer Night and graduation ceremony, respectively. In reminiscence, she affirms, “It’s worth it.” She loves seeing her fellow students’ faces light up when they see the pictures she took, and is ecstatic that she can make someone else’s day. 

In addition to photography, Alvarez cherishes literature, namely poetry. Mrs. Diane Frey and Mrs. Gina Corsun have inspirationed and influenced her choice to study English in her secondary education. 

One piece of advice that Alvarez extends to this year’s freshmen is to “express yourself unapologetically… don’t feel guilty about your interests or your hobbies or your ideas… don’t be worried about what people are going to think about them.”