Senior of the Month (November) – Alisha Edwards


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Alisha Edwards ’22 during her volleyball Senior Night match against North Brunswick.

American Olympian Louis Zamperini once said, “A minute of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” These words of encouragement drive November Senior of the Month Alisha Edwards ‘22 and help her achieve glory at Edison High School.

Edwards has been dedicated and involved at Edison High School over these past years. For starters, Edwards has been an active participant in the Edison High girls volleyball team for all four years, including the varsity team for three years. Her successes within the team include winning the Most Valuable Player award and all division awards. Since ninth grade, she has also been part of Edison High’s dance ensemble, and currently serves as its president. Among her favorite high school memories are performing her first official choreographed piece at the 2021 Dance Ensemble Spring Concert. She recalls, “Hearing such great feedback and knowing that my dancing resonated with the audience was amazing.”

Edwards also thanks Ms. Jenkins for her unending support and guidance: “Mrs. Jenkins is someone I know will forever be in my corner and always push me to accomplish goals that seem impossible….I am forever grateful to have her in my life and couldn’t imagine my time at EHS without her.”

Outside of school, her other hobbies and passions include painting, drawing, cooking/baking, choreography, and creative projects. Overall, she enjoys her involvement in artistic pursuits.

As she reminisces about her high school experience and prepares for her future in the outside world, she encourages younger students.

“Remove yourselves from your comfort zone and experience new things,” the senior said.

Remove yourselves from your comfort zone and experience new things.

— Alisha Edwards '22