What Is Child Study Team, Anyway?



“It’s time to go to speech,” your teacher announces across the room to one of your peers in your class. Those students end up missing class once or twice a week. Why? Most likely because your peer is going to see a member of the Child Study Team (CST).

What is a child study team?

A CST is an organization with elected professionals employed by the Edison Board of Education. These professionals provide advice, evaluations, and guidelines to parents and teachers to assist their child’s growth pattern.

How does a student get chosen to be in a child study team?

Children who have an educational disability between the ages of three and twenty-one could be referred for an evaluation to be in a CST program. Parents can submit a hard copy referral for students to be in a CST to the school. Not only parents, but teachers can refer students to the CST based on their difficulties in class, whether the student is academically or emotionally challenged.

How is a child evaluated?

A child is evaluated based on an assessment that determines whether or not he or she will be accepted. At least two exams are given to the child. Experienced professionals grade these exams and give their recommendation on whether or not he or she needs the program.

What happens after a student is chosen? 

After a student is referred for a CST, their case is given to a CST manager who has twenty business days to arrange a meeting. During this meeting, social workers, teacher-consultants, teachers, and language specialists evaluate the child.  If a child is young, parents, guardians, or any other assistants will have to attend this meeting.