Influx of Novice Spring Track Athletes Show Lots of Potential


ANNIKA VILLANUEVA '25 from Film Club

The Spring Track and Field team go head to head against Colonia.


Whether the athletes are running, throwing, jumping, or pole vaulting, the Edison High School track and field program this spring opens new opportunities for athletes to diversify their abilities. Returning members are looking forward to making new records and possibly becoming new school record holders themselves. Winter track members set impressive records last season including the sprint medley relay of Victor Oseimo ‘23, Jordan Abdul-Baseer ‘23, Justin Ferrel ‘22, and Akshay Vadul ‘23 qualifying for nationals. Class of 2023 boasts their track stars. Vadul placed 12th in the state for his winter season with a time of 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Hailey Matz ‘23 placed 5th in the 55-meter dash for GMCs as well as placing 6th in the 400-meter sprint. This class of superstars is excited to fill the shoes of their predecessors as the Class of 2022 leaves the nest soon. 

With so much new potential and rising stars, the competitiveness of the sport ensues and many teammates push each other to get better. The Edison High track family is excited to see what many surprises (and medals) the spring season will bring. ”

In addition to the returning members, Edison High’s track program saw an influx of new members of every grade from winter to spring. With over sixty athletes now, the track is busier than ever before. The potential for record-breaking success is everywhere and eyes are currently on Justyn Britton ‘22 and Ama Boateng ‘25 as their commendable practice performance may earn them medals later in the season.

Returning distance runner, Rylee McEvoy ‘25, is only a freshman and has been on varsity for all three seasons. McEvoy recently “broke 6” in her mile (run less than six minutes), an impressive feat for a novice female runner. In regards to more upperclassmen, Brian Poandl ‘22 recently cleared nine feet in pole vault, making him eligible to compete moving forward.  Former sprinter now thrower, Partha Peridia ‘23 came out of left field and threw a personal best of ninety-nine feet at discus. 

Expanding on fresh meat at the track, two new coaches, Mr. Andrew Stivers ‘14 and Ms. Sarah Solorzano, join the track family this season. Stivers teaches math at Edison High and coaches throwing, whereas Solorzano teaches biology and English-as-a-second-language and coaches distance and pole vaulting. 

How do they like coaching so far?

“I enjoy it!” Solorzano said. “There’s so many aspects to it, athletics, coaching staff, and seeing students outside of school.” Solorzano coaches pole vault alongside Isabela Mraz ‘22. “I think it’s cool that we have our own squad over there [the pole vault lath area], it’s a very different vibe than when I’m coaching distance.” 

Stivers responded, “Spring isn’t the first time I’ve coached. I have 6 seasons of football under my belt here and at an additional school. I’m by no means new to coaching, but it’s been fun, I’ve enjoyed it so far.”

Solorzano spoke about the varying levels of experience each pole vaulter has going into the spring season. “Some people are coming from winter track who are in shape and ready to go and we have some people who are not in shape and not ready to go, so everyone’s at a different level. Pole vaulting is so unique because it (uses) all the muscle groups, so it’s getting those muscles toned while using a pole and balance.” 

Stivers is not experiencing any challenges with coaching, but mentions, “Just day to day, as long as everybody improves, I feel as though it’s a job well done. Small progress, good for me. Work towards gradual goals at the end of the season!” 

While the spring track program gained new coaches, it also lost one of its longtime distance coaches: English teacher Mr. Patrick McCaffery. McCaffrey had been coaching for fifteen-years at Edison High as a distance coach.