Homecoming After Staying At Home


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The class of 2022 Homecoming court (from left): Victoria Adamu, Ali Ahmed, Hannah Steinlauf, Matthew Sudnick, Jenna Rivella, Joseph Fresnedo, Maulikaa Manikantan, Abhinav Arya, Jennalyn Aravena, Jonathan Antonio, Alisha Edwards, Salvatore della Fave, Emma Mohanty, Gabriel Romero, Rylie Abrams, Jaden Peart.

Purple, blue, and black lights illuminated the Frank N. Cangelosi gym for Edison High School’s very own Euphoria-themed homecoming on October 15. The event was filled with streamers, balloons, fairy lights, and glow sticks as attendees danced in their semi-formal dresses and suits, inspired by the renowned HBO American Teen Drama Series. 

Despite the multiple COVID restrictions placed in the school, homecoming this year had a large turnout, and tickets were sold out two days before the event. As a result, security guards were present at every door in the building, preventing students from entering without a ticket or wristband.

“There was nothing last year, and everybody is excited about it this year, so a lot more people came out,” said Mr. Joseph Ferrara, assistant principal. 

After a long period of isolation, many students found Homecoming 2021 a redeeming experience.

“It was my first time attending, and I loved the experience. I got to socialize with so many of my friends that I haven’t talked to in a while, and it was a nice change from being completely virtual last year,” said Talha Malik ‘22. 

There was nothing last year, and everybody is excited about it this year, so a lot more people came out.”

— Mr. Ferrara

For several seniors, homecoming was the first time they had seen most of their classmates and peers altogether in one place since March 2019. 

In addition, the homecoming court had spectacular contestants, each with varying passions and hobbies. Ali Ahmed ‘22 as Homecoming King and Alisha Edwards ‘22 as Homecoming Queen both adored the experience and opportunity for being nominees of the court.

“Honestly, I am excited to be in the homecoming court because I love dressing up and just to be the winner of the homecoming court. I’m surprised and happy, and everybody who voted for me, thank you,” said Edwards.

Ahmed said, “[I was] really confused and really excited because, you know, I’m not the kind of  person you expect to be at homecoming, but I’m definitely really excited to be here.”

The homecoming experience was a change in environment for many high school students. And though COVID restrictions were present, this homecoming had one of the highest turnouts, serving as a social outlet for students at Edison High.