Wherever We Go On The Road To See The World



A view of New York City and the sky.

It is another day in paradise at EHS, a time that is coming to an end as seniors are graduating and the end of the school year approaches. It is time to ask some students and staff what their vacation plans might be. Whether it’s just taking time to relax or reviewing materials for college, many people do have one thing on their mind— to be on a relaxing vacation. Working for the whole school year might be stressful for students since they had AP exams, SAT, ACT and NJGPA, but in the summertime it would be easier to work, because of the accessible hours they have. The students and staff at EHS have responded to the question of what they are doing in the summer. 

I will be doing the three week trial for the online program at Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts. I will be swimming in our above- ground pool with my family. I am going on vacation in August to Seaside park. Finally I am taking some online cookie decorating classes,” said Megan Ginsberg ‘22.

“This summer I’m going to be a counselor. I’m going to the pool, going to the beach, and at the end of summer before I start college I’m going down to Florida for a week,” said Jena Marbol ‘22. 

“I am attending summer courses at Monmouth University. And plan to go to the beach at some point,” said Roze Urbanski ‘22. 

“I am going to Florida to see my best friend and then after a month I am going to see my boyfriend in Kansas,” said Kali Ward ‘22.  

“I am going to India to meet my friends and I will be volunteering for ‘Doorstep schools’ in my free time,” said Dhruvi Malusare ‘23. 

“I’m hoping to focus more on my mental and physical health. My goal is to take a vacation before I start college in the fall. I’m excited but anxious for new beginnings and the next chapter of my life at Rutgers Newark. I’m very happy to start working toward my career goals. I will be majoring in criminal justice and I hope to work in federal law enforcement in the near future,” said Kimberly Hernandez ’22

“My friends and I are planning on a road trip to Hershey Park and back to NJ,” said Sanjana Suresh ‘22. 

“For the summer I am going to Greece on the senior trip. I am super excited as it is my first time out of the country. I am going with her best friend Mikayla Terranova ‘22. I am going to Maine with Mikayla, and her other best friend Kaeli Knott ‘22. Aside from that I’ll be working to save money for college,” said Hannah Steinlauf ‘22. 

Summer vacation is the moment for students to fetch them the real joy of life that only comes once a year.”

“This summer I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my hometown friends and family before moving out of college. I am really excited to celebrate with my friends as we prepare for this next chapter in our lives. Even though a lot of us are going our separate ways, I am so proud of all of us and can’t wait to see what the future holds,” said Nimisha Kumar ‘22.  

Some teachers also responded with their summer plans.   

“I am going to visit Salem Mass. to explore the historical sights and take a haunted night tour,” said Ms. Shelly Colletto.  

“I plan on doing some traveling, barbecuing and going to some New York Mets game throughout the summer. I probably am going to Florida and Jersey Shore, I am not sure yet,” said Mr. Russell Schwartz. 

“I plan on going to Puerto Rico with my girlfriend and friends. A trip filled with beach trips, Puerto Rican cuisine, and Golf. One of the beaches he will be visiting is Old San Juan beach,” said Mr. Eric Breining. 

“I will be working over the summer but I will have a week or two off. I will be spending time with my family and planning for my wedding,” said Ms. Laurie Sieminski.

“This summer I will be driving my son and daughter to soccer and lifeguard camps. I am looking forward to going on vacation and spending time with my family.  I will also be setting up playdates for my children to see their friends,” said Mrs. Jaclyn Travis. 

“I’ll be spending the summer in Long Beach Island and also doing some things for work that involve teaching. LBI has become my home away from home–my family has a camper, and we reference it as our portable beach house. I’m looking forward to spending time relaxing with my dogs and our new puppy, crafting and doing DIY projects, getting outside, and getting ready for next year!” said Ms. Taylor Brennan.

“At the end of June I’m going away to the Dominican Republic with my sister. Then I am going on a girl getaway trip. In July I am going away for five days to Boston because my son is on a traveling baseball team that has a tournament so I will be there with my husband and my son, while he plays for the week. In August I plan on relaxing in my backyard and laying out my pool every day before we have to go back to school in September,” said Mrs. Nicole Appelman. 

Even though many do not have summer plans, these people plan to take time for themselves and spend more time with their loved ones to reduce existing and upcoming stresses they might face during the school year. Summer vacation is the moment for students to fetch them the real joy of life that only comes once a year. It can bring various opportunities to get involved in a lot of things that we have been wishing for and gives us a chance to get out of our comfort zone to interpret the hidden talents in ourselves.