A Fresh New World for Freshmen


Illustrated by: Mithil Mishra ’25

With the return to in-person school learning, there were many new faces entering the school. Amongst the many groups of people was the incoming freshmen class. For many of them, the last time they were in a physical school setting was spring of 7th grade, which might play a large role in an already notable transition to high school. Due to these circumstances, the class of 2025 enters Edison High School with a lack of middle school experience, which may pose a problem as they are suddenly adjusting to a high school environment. 

“I definitely thought high school was more welcoming than many preconceived notions. Alumni explained that it was like ‘jumping into a trap,’ which didn’t hold true for the most part,” said Chris Morello ‘25. Despite Morello’s warm welcome, he did have some nostalgia for his previous school. “I definitely regret having middle school cut short, because I was stressed in the school year. It wasn’t comparable to the new stresses and responsibilities of high school,” Morello added. 

High school is a hurdle for students to overcome as it bridges the gap between primary and secondary education due to the increased difficulty in academics and social development. Many students walk into high school with an exaggerated idea of the experience due to the stereotypes and perceptions portrayed in movies, books, and culture. But in reality, existing students do not believe that this representation of high school is accurate.

“In pop and movie culture, high school is seen as this hell of academic and social anxiety where there are bullies, kids studying all day, and mean teachers. In reality, my experience of high school was amazing. I met many new people that I’ll cherish forever and discovered my interests in clubs and gained knowledge with supporting peers and teachers,” said Ibrahim Ahmad ‘22, a senior at Edison High School.

I definitely regret having middle school cut short…”

— Chris Morello ‘25

In spite of the many real or imagined hurdles, high school is a chance for students to create new friendships due to the combining of several middle schools in the same district. As a result, many students capitalize on these new opportunities.

“For sure, I found myself talking to more people I never found myself talking to in middle school. I have met completely new people and have made new friendships, and at times the reason why I go to school is due to these new people to talk to,” said Angel Carillo Torres ‘25.

As students continue their life journey, they will inevitably overcome new stages and mature for the better. The fresh new faces of today will become the role models of tomorrow.