Inside Edison’s Airpods: What Do Teachers Appreciate?


Music prevails as an integral aspect of daily life for Edison High School. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, The Eagle’s Eye spoke to Edison High School faculty about their listening habits, and compiled a cumulative playlist of the Edison High School Faculty’s favorite music. 

Everchanging and limitless, music has defined different generations and cultures, preserved in the lives of those who represent them. This vastness extends beyond students, but also to teachers as music accompanies everyone throughout their individual lives. On this playlist, the most repeated artist was Elton John. The top genre was Rock, and the most repeated decade was the 1970s. 

While lives may differ, a shared love for music makes our sense of emotions the same. 

“Some music gets my heart rate up and I love listening to it while walking around the neighborhood.  Some music wakes me up when I’m tired and heading to school to teach.  Some music is relaxing and slows my mind down when I need to switch gears and relax after a long hectic day. To get me excited for a new day of teaching I love to listen to Blue Savannah by Erasure or anything by Meghan Trainor. To relax and slow my day down I like to listen to Bob Marley’s Sun is shining,” said Physics teacher Mrs. Robin Connell.

Music, subjective in nature, serves different purposes for different teachers. 

Music to me captures a memory.  Hearing a song can take me right back to a time, place, or feeling.  Currently I am obsessed with a song written by Joni Mitchell and sung by Emilia Jones from the movie CODA called Both Sides Now.  It is a song about life and how it changes,” said Mrs. Denise Morrow, Physical Education and Health teacher.

While lives may differ, a shared love for music makes our sense of emotions the same. ”

English teacher Mrs. Jennifer Wolf described how “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell encapsulates the feeling of the end of the school year for teachers. Wolf said that to her, this song represents “The cycle of life and how growing up is bittersweet.” She cites her favorite lyric: “Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now, Cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town, And they tell him, ‘Take your time, it won’t be long now, ‘Til you drag your feet to slow the circles down.”

To find out what teachers are listening to, you can find EHS’ playlist at .