A Concert To Remember

When asked to describe their experience in one word, audience members and performers of the Winter Orchestra Concert replied: exhilarant, elegant, magical, energetic, fruitful, and -undoubtedly- successful. As friends, family, and community members convened in the newly renovated auditorium on Friday, December 3, the student musicians of EHS made final tuning adjustments to conclude three months of dedication and endeavor. 

“Walking onto the stage felt surreal with family members, loved ones, and students filling the ambience with chatter and spotlights blinding us as we arranged our music,” says Kevin Wu ‘23, section leader of the second violins.

The notes on constant iteration during countless Thursday night rehearsals amassed to a total of eight pieces- Waltz No. 2, Gabriel’s Oboe, Milonga de Angel, and English Carol Collage were performed by the Concert Orchestra. For Unto Us, Classical Symphony, Radetzky March, and Nutcracker Ballet were played by students in the Chamber Orchestra.

 “I love that my students had a lot of input for this concert when it came to picking out the repertoire. We ended up with a wide variety of music from various genres, time periods, and composers from all over the world,” committed Orchestra conductor Mrs. Britney Milicia.

The students really took ownership of the pieces, practiced with intent, and played out with emotion

— Mrs. Britney Milicia

Beginning the evening with Shostakovich’s Waltz No. 2 and ending with English Carol Collage arranged by Brian Holmes, the Concert Orchestra created a vibrant and enticing listening environment for its audience.

“What a concert season! The orchestra has been working hard to make it itself more recognized this year, and considering the results, I think it really paid off,” said Arman Chotani ‘25, section leader of the violists. 

Although considerably smaller than the Concert Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra put on an impressive display of skill nonetheless. The highlight of the Chamber Orchestra’s section was Radetzky March composed by Johann Strauss I. This theatrical performance was not only thrilling to play but also pleasing to hear. 

First Chair Pragya Singh ‘23 adds, “The orchestras were very well-prepared to put on this performance, and the pieces sounded very put-together and musical. I was really proud of our progress to be able to put together such a successful performance.”

The concert closed with Mrs. Milicia’s favorite piece- March of The Nutcracker and Trepak from The Nutcracker Ballet- featuring the EHS Wind Ensemble. 

“I always love when the orchestra gets to team up with the other musical ensembles we have here at EHS. I think everyone can agree that their participation added wonderful texture and energy to the performance,” Mrs. Milicia said. 

A member of the EHS Wind Ensemble, tubaist Ovya Ganesh 25’ adds, “Playing with the orchestra was a cool experience; it was both a fun way to help out while also expanding my musical experience.” 

The students in orchestra at EHS imbued many emotions through their deep love of music. This Winter Concert offered a way to share that love with others who may not have opportunities to experience classical music, especially during the holidays.

 “The students really took ownership of the pieces, practiced with intent, and played out with emotion,” Mrs. Milicia said.

“Although the performance would last only a couple of hours, there was this guttural feeling that it would be a moment I’d remember for the rest of my life,” said Kevin Wu ‘23 “If there was a moment that moved the audience, a moment that had everything congeal together to resonate with the audience, then the concert had been worth it.” 

Overall, as opinions from performers, audience members, and the orchestra director herself prove, the orchestra winter concert was a successful and special experience.